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    1. Penny,

      Ref Auckland City Council Dog Services and Dog Control Provider

      You may want to look into this more seriously asap “Operation Blackwater Club…”

      You could make a career out of it as it is now turning into a class action …

      And some young bright lawyer and journalist will do very well out of it at the same time..

      Shortly after I pass it all over..

      I think 10,000s of dog owners over the last 23 years since 1988 have actually been fined incorrectly by Auckland City and Dog Control…

      And no one has ever looked closely and picked it apart, either at the Council or the Courts or especially Dog Control..

      It has all been on a very cozy closed relationship of winding up the fine amount and winding out the volume of tickets..

      So Dog Control go out each day to Write up as many fines and tickets as possible, and then put it so simply on the Auckland City Council Automatic Payment Process Control.

      Show me the Money, Honey and it all kept rolling in…lol

      It all looked so very legal, profitable, sort of professional and clean…and then I turn up..K Bugger

      K Bugger is what they are going to say to the ACC payout to the dog owners but it is not their money as they are only council workers so the actual pain will be low and all involved will be retrained and dispatched to new opportunities.

      And those who were ticketed and issued with fines over that time hopefully will all get a full refund plus interest and costs …it is millions of dollars ..

      It was a racket they were operating of simply being over confident.

      And no court will not refund…I have extensive experience at this..

      I have been working on this one for well over 2 years “only as a witness basically reviewing certain situations to record the processors and then reviewing their own documents and the outcomes..”

      Game Set and Match I told Cameron Brewer on this one and I am not sorry about this one at all..

      Could not happen to a nicer group of people..

      If they are smart they will all take an extended holiday trip to Fiji.. very shortly

      They have damaged a lot of innocent good people’s lives who do not know the police records that have been created about them and what was written up…

      You know what I really only want is for an Independent External Professional Auditor Group to be established (someone who is not related to any one with in ACC or any of the service providers by family, past husband/wife, school or social or network or political group) to catch this stuff –

      Also an independent qualified person needs to be appointed to review all ACC disputed fines like those above who is well outside of Dog Controls and ACC Dog Service reach of influence..

      These situations are right across the ACC as it is so wide spread and it is way past the councilors skill sets to ever expect them to catch the cunning bureaucrats and vendors at their own games.. ..LOL

      What amazes me is I am a 55 year old retired outsider who was only interested in Walking a Friends Dog and I just kept hearing these increasing and more disturbing different stories ranging from the one about $1,800 in fines being issued to a 60 year old woman recently for having a small dog off lead…just walking it to her car from the off lead area off leash..25m

      And then Dog Control stepped in and the Sh— hit the fan and it all went nuts and in the end it was a series of 3 tickets for off leash, no dog tag and refusing to provide name details..$1,800

      I would not even get that fine for drunk driving and I could of killed someone..

      Give me a break, I found her crying at the Dog off Leash area the next day….NEXT

      To a guy with two dogs getting an instant $600.00 fine for something he knew nothing about.

      There are thousands of these identical dog ticketed stories kicking around Auckland about to come out…

      PLUS the Several Law Abiding People who now fear even walking their dogs outside of their own homes now because of Dog Control…

      Sure I know and accept that dogs have to be under control and please do not get me wrong, but internationally no other city has a BLACKWATER situation running it like this…

      Ricky the dog I walk for a friend has been seriously attacked twice at Meola Reef over the last 2 months; I always take a camera walking and always get clear video and audio and photos of the dogs, owners and cars they belong too.

      But not in a hundred years would I ever consider ever providing the details to ACC Dog Services or Dog Control as I would be charged instead of the offenders with some minor offense and the NZ Police say it is now a matter for Dog Control… K Bugger

      ACC dog services and dog control are really totally out of control…

      Michael Packer

      Comment by Michael Packer | June 7, 2011 | Reply

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