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9/11! THINK FOR YOURSELF! Remember – the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ LIE – used to justify the invasion of Iraq?

11 September 2010

“Presume nothing – check everything!” is my considered advice.

The public have been told so many blatant lies.
Two very simple questions to ask – which apply to most issues are:


The ‘war on terror’ has been a financial bonanza for multinationals and contractors.

One lot of companies makes a fortune out of destruction – others make a fortune out of ‘reconstruction’.

Nice work if you can get it!

Pity about the people and the planet.

Don’t be sucked in by the blatant lies and propaganda.

Think for yourselves folks!


Penny Bright

PRESS RELEASE: New Scientific Evidence Undermines Afghanistan War (includes videoclips)

Friday, September 10, 2010 11:02 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients

New Scientific Evidence Undermines Afghanistan War

On the eve of the 9th anniversary of 9/11, support for the war in Afghanistan took a serious blow yesterday. Simultaneous press conferences were held in New York and Los Angeles to present startling new information refuting the official 9/11 narrative, used to justify the war.

Also announced were three major professional groups which have joined the worldwide, and ever-growing, “9/11 Truth Movement”.

In a striking show of unity, representatives of “Scientists for 9/11 Truth”, “U.S. Military Officers for 9/11 Truth” and “Actors & Artists for 9/11 Truth” presented their findings and unveiled their eye-opening websites. Each non-profit group has launched a petition calling for a new, transparent investigation.

In NY, representing “Scientists”, Professor Niels Harrit said,
“The official account put forth by NIST violates the fundamental laws of physics and chemistry.” Harrit is Prof. Emeritus at the University of Copenhagen and was lead author for a 2009 peer-reviewed study that revealed evidence of high tech explosives throughout the WTC dust.

In LA, physics teacher David Chandler discussed the swift destruction of the WTC towers, including Building 7, the little-known third tower. Having demonstrated its free fall, he confronted the US government agency NIST with his analyses and forced NIST to revise its November 2008 Final Report on WTC 7. NIST’s Draft Report had claimed free fall was impossible but NIST ultimately acknowledged WTC 7 was in absolute free fall for over two seconds. Concluded Chandler, “Free fall is physically impossible without explosives”.

In LA, former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development Lt. Col. Robert Bowman stated,

“9/11 has been an excuse to use our brave young troops as cannon fodder in unjust wars of aggression”.

In NY, Lt. Col. Shelton Lankford, decorated fighter pilot, and USAF Accident Investigator Lt. Col. David Gapp in LA, questioned how four highly trained flight crews would all break protocol, reporting,

“Not one pilot broadcast the required hijack transponder codes.”

In LA, actor John Heard asked,
“How is it possible that the worst crime in U.S. history has never been properly investigated?”

In NY, actor Daniel Sunjata stated,
“The August 20th AP poll has revealed that only 38% of the American people support the war in Afghanistan, down from 46% in March. The question is: does this 38% know about the evidence that we have presented today? Signatories to their petition include Ed Asner, Graham Nash, Willie Nelson, Michelle Phillips and Gore Vidal.

The three groups at the websites below are independent, non-profit organizations calling for the reinvestigation of the September 11th attacks. These groups have no affiliation to any political party.


VIDEO: Videos of both press conferences are available for online viewing and download:

CONTACT: General questions:
Elizabeth Woodworth, Coordinator, Victoria, Canada, 1-250-383-2417, cell: 1-250-889-4559

Scientists for 9/11 Truth:
Dr. John Wyndham, Peterborough, NH, 1-603-924-3037,

Military Officers for 9/11 Truth:
Dr. Robert Bowman, cell: 1-321-258-0582

Actors & Artists for 9/11 Truth:
Frank Strasser, Los Angeles, 1-310-827-5729

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