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Organisational ‘Flow Chart’ PROVES the corporate structure for the $UPERCITY cannot serve the public or the public interest! Don’t be CONNED by other Mayoral candidates!

29 September 2010


Don’t be CONNED by other Mayoral candidates!

The ‘Organisational Flow Chart’ PROVES the corporate structure for the $UPERCITY cannot serve the public or the public interest!

The underpinning $UPERCITY legislation has set up the corporate structure for the Auckland region to be run ‘like a business, by business – for business’.

The Auckland $UPERCITY ‘organisational flow chart’ visually shows in a way that words cannot describe, how this corporate structure will work.

This Auckland $UPERCITY ‘organisational flow chart’ proves how empty are the words of those Mayoral candidates who are effectively promising that this corporate structure can be made to serve the public and the public interest.

It cannot.

See for yourself.

part 1
part 2

(This ‘$UPERCITY ‘organisational flow chart’ was filmed on Thursday 27 May 2010, after I addressed a meeting of the Rodney District Council.)

It doesn’t matter how ‘well-meaning’, personable or approachable the other Mayoral candidates are – the key question is – are they opposed to the $UPERCITY and the mechanism for this corporate takeover – the unelected, unproven Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) model into which 75% of Auckland regional rates are to be paid?

75% of YOUR rates will be controlled by appointed businesspeople that YOU never elected, who will be running 7 CCOs you never voted for, under the $UPERCITY corporate structure for which YOUR lawful democratic right to a binding poll (Local Government Act 2002, s24’Reorganisation Proposal’ Schedule 3, s 49 ‘Poll must be held’) – was railroaded over in another ‘Rogernomic$ blitzkreig’

The fact is that none of the ‘leading’ Mayoral candidates is opposed to the CCO model, although CCOs have never been subject to any ‘cost benefit analysis’ which proves their ‘cost-effectiveness’ for the public majority.

We are talking about up to $28 billion worth of public assets being placed under this ‘commercialised’ /’business’ CCO model.

Where is the ‘due diligence’? ‘Prudent stewardship’? Fiscal responsibility’?

How come a ‘cost-benefit analysis’ on the cost-effectiveness of the CCO model for the public majority has never been carried out by:

The Royal Commission on Auckland regional governance.
The Office of the Auditor-General.
The Department of Internal Affairs.
The Auckland Transition Agency.
None of the 8 Councils in the Auckland region.
The NZ Treasury.

This underpinnng Auckland $UPERCITY legislation must be repealed.

Look how billion$ of public assets owned at central government level were stolen off us under ‘Rogernomic$ Mark I’!

The 1984 – 1987 Labour Government got away with ‘Rogernomic$ Mark I’ partly because of the lid that was put on the fightback by Labour Party trade unionists who said ‘ we can’t embarrass a Labour Government’.

This time, unfortunately, some union leaders are seeing these elections as a battle between ‘left’ and ‘right’ – when it is between the public and corporates, and those who serve their interests.

Why working people or their Unions would support a corporate takeover, by supporting those candidates who are not opposed to this corporate takeover is difficult to grasp.

It is time to think politically ‘outside the square’, organise and take action which has never been done before – or there will be nothing left for the kids.

The first step is to give the Government which railroaded through this Auckland $UPERCITY legislation a message that they CANNOT ignore!

If all those who are opposed to the Auckland $UPERCITY vote for the only candidate with the proven track record as a fighter defending the public and the public interest – vote Public Watchdog Penny Bright for Mayor – it will be a landslide.

Opposed to the $UPERCITY?

Support the principle that – “It is the will of the people that is the basis of the authority of Government’?
Support the principle that there should be “No taxation without representation”?

One tick!
One box!
Vote Penny Bright for Mayor

Penny Bright
Media Spokesperson
Water Pressure Group
Judicially recognised ‘Public Watchdog’ on Metrowater, water and Auckland regional governance matters.
“Anti-corruption campaigner”



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