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John Key’s tax increase (15% GST) = tax cut? – yeah right.
John Key’s tax increase (15% GST) = tax cut? – yeah right.


It was the ‘Rogernomic$’ Labour Government that first introduced the Goods and Services Tax 1985. The GST rate was 10%.

It was the ‘Rogernomic$’ Labour Government that raised GST to 12.5% in 1989.

It is the ‘Rogernomic$’ National Government that has raised GST to 15% in 2010.

This National Government under John Key’s leadership, has broken another National Party pre-election promise – this time on tax reform.

(Increasing GST to 15% was nowhere to be seen.)

“Our tax policy is therefore one of responsible reform.

People want to know that valued public services will be protected and that effort will be rewarded. Business wants to know that competitiveness will be maintained and that consumer confidence will be supported.

In the short term, National’s tax package will give households confidence and some cash in their back pockets to keep the economy going and to pay down debt.

In the longer term, our tax package encourages people to invest in their own skills and make best use of their abilities, because they get to keep more of any higher wages they earn. It encourages them to look for and to take up better and higher-paying jobs that make more use of their skills.”

How is taking cash out of the back pockets of those who can least afford it, while giving tax cuts to the wealthy – ‘responsible reform’ John Key?

That’s why I’ll be joining those protesting against this GST increase in Auckland today, at 2pm outside JB Hi Fi , 7 Wagener Place, opposite St Lukes shopping centre.…

I’ll be bringing my ‘Tui billboard banner’.

“TAX INCREASE (15% GST) = TAX CUT? – Yeah right.

I protested against the ‘Rogernomic$’ Labour Government’s dropping income tax rates for the rich, and introduction of GST back in 1985.

Twenty-five years later – I’m protesting against this ‘Rogernomic$’ National Government’s dropping income tax rates for the rich, and increasing the GST rate from 12.5% to 15% in 2010.

Isn’t it high time for a review of ‘Rogernomic$’?
To check the FACTS against the mantra?

Who has benefitted?
Where have our public monies and public resources gone?

During this Auckland Mayoral campaign – I have yet to meet one ratepayer whose rates have gone DOWN since the ‘Rogernomic$’ local government ‘business model’ reforms wrecked Auckland, and made it ‘dysfunctional’.

Seems that what is good for big business and the very wealthy isn’t good for the public majority.

I think it’s high time we ‘rolled back Rogernomic$’.
Enough of this ‘war on the poor’!

Penny Bright
Media Spokesperson
Water Pressure Group
Judicially-recognised Public Watchdog on Metrowater, water and Auckland regional governance matters.
“Anti-corruption campaigner”


‘Public Watchdog – not corporate lapdog’

September 30, 2010 - Posted by | Auckland Mayoral campaign, Stop the $uper City

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