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11 August 2010

A very successful protest was held on Tuesday 10 August outside the NZ Austrian Consulate in support of Jane Burgermeister.

Although the Police were called, they played a very helpful role in facilitating the handover of the following ‘Open Letter’ to Consulate staff, which we were assured would be passed on to the NZ Austrian Consul.

This is the ‘You Tube’ clip of this protest:


This is what the ‘Open Letter’ to the NZ Austrian Consul said:

Mr Reinhold Goeschl,
Honorary Consul
Consulate of Austria, Auckland

22a William Pickering Drive, North Harbour, Auckland 0632

10 August 2010

1) Jane Burgermeister is facing court proceedings in Austria on August 12th — where she is scheduled to be stripped of all her civic rights and her inheritance.

2) Jane Burgermeister played a huge role in helping to expose the ‘$wine flu scam’, and the conflicts of interest between the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the major pharmaceutical companies who have financially benefited from the bogus ‘Level 6 pandemic’.

3) Jane Burgermeister deserves the highest possible ‘good citizen’s award’ for her services to humanity – not Austrian State persecution – which is threatening to strip her of her civil rights on trumped up charges.

4) Is this persecution of Jane Burgermeister by the Austrian Government, linked to this upcoming international conference? It looks that way!

4th Vaccine and International Society for Vaccines (ISV) Annual Global Congress in Vienna, Austria
3-5 October 2010

5) Please pass on this message to the highest levels of the Austrian Government:



Role of Austrian Chancellor in attempt to frame swine flu jab critic Jane Burgermeister comes into focus:
new email reveals Bilderberg Chancellor was informed

August 9, 2010

The Austrian government has been caught red-handed faking two sets of criminal charges by Heiner Lohmann and Christine Cote in a bid to frame me . These fake charges in conjunction with a staged threat to a judge can be used to have me detained and even imprisoned.

Other bloggers in Austria and Germany critical of the government are facing the same treatment.

Natascha Koch, for example, was recently detained in Graz, Austria, on the basis of a staged threat to a clinic. The strength of public protests resulted in her being freed again in three days.

Christine Cote was among the people protesting the detention of Natascha Koch on spurious grounds.

She wrote an email to Judge Michaela Lauer – the judge who applied for my court guardianship on the basis of false claims and file manipulation — asking the authorities to stop persecuting me and other critics on July 4th.

Chrstine Cote cc’d in the Interior Minister Maria Fekter, the Justice Minister Claudia Bandion-Ortner, the Ombudsmen, including Gertrude Brinek as well as the State Prosecutor’s office and the head of the national bank Ewald Nowotny. She also sent a letter to the Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann as well as the President Heinz Fischer, she says.

That means that all these people must have been informed about my situation on July 5th at the latest.

Did the Chancellor Werner Faymann know that Christine Cote and Heiner Lohmann’s letter asking the government to stop persecuting me had been turned into fake criminal charges? Did he know that these fake charges were dropped almost immediately after I filed charges on July 23 documenting file manipulation, false accusations and fraud to justify my being stripped of all my rights under a court guardianship?

That they were fake charges is clear: the charges were dropped just two working days after my criminal charges with new evidence were filed on July23 . Why wasn’t my additional material documenting persecution by Judge Michaela Lauer investigated by the state prosecutor if Cote’s and Lohmann’s letters were really being treated as criminal charges?

Did Corruption State Prosecutor Katja Wallenschewski only dare create fake criminal charges to bury my own and frame me because she was certain she had cover from the very top of the government, and even the chancellor and justice minister?

Or did Wallenschewski simply not realise that even Austria is now in the internet age and information spreads quickly?

Within a couple of days of the letter from Wallenschewski appearing on the internet stating that criminal charges by Heiner Lohmann and Christine Cote had been filed, both people contacted me to say they had never filed any criminal charges.

Heiner Lohmann and Christine Cote were trying to protest my persecution by the government — but found their protests misused by the same government to persecute me still more.

Christine Cote underlines my role in warning people that the swine flu pandemic was hyped and the swine vaccination risky.

I filed charges against Baxter in April 2009 after Baxter contaminated 72 kilos of seasonal flu material with the bird flu virus, supplied by WHO. The material was sent to 16 labs in 4 coutries and could have sparked a global bird flu pandemic, according to the Times of India.

Just two weeks or so after I filed criminal charges against Baxter the „swine flu“ pandemic appeared in Mexico and was clearly a hyped and staged pandemic.

Although the Vienna state prosecutor opened an investigation into Baxter’s contamination of seasonal flu material at ist biosecurity labs in Orth an der Donau, the investigation was dropped in September 2009 in spite of the fact that experts rule out an accidental contamination given the existence of biosecurity level 3 precautions.

In June 2009, Chancellor Werner Faymann attended the annual Bilderberg meeting near Athens along with David Rockefeller, a big funder of WHO and vaccine sterilisation programmes, and Daniel Vasella, CEO of Novartis, a company that made billions through the swine flu scam.

It has now been established beyond doubt that the top officials in the Austrian government, including the Chancellor Faymann, the Interior Minister and the Justice Minister all knew about Christine Cote’s letter requesting that the government cease its persecution of me and other critics such as Natascha Koch on July 5th.

It cannot be ruled out that they actively encouraged this persecution because they want to eliminate a critic of their swine flu policies.

After all, what state prosecutor would dare carry out such a sleight of hand and turn a letter asking for the authorities to stop hounding me into fake criminal charges only to drop those charges immediately after I supplied more evidence of being hounded on July 23rd if they thought there was any control from the Justice Minister or the top of the government?

After all, it is not just me who is being persecuted: other bloggers are being detained as well by a justice system being instrumentalised to silence government critics.

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Posted by Jane Burgermeister
Prisonplanet shows my video warning people about the upcoming vaccine campaign: Police State Austria tries to silence me in vain

August 7, 2010

The Austrian government has even gone to the lengths of faking criminal charges to find an excuse to detain and silence me and keep people in the dark about the risks associated with vaccines before the next vaccine campaign and/or pandemic kicks off.

In the last few days and weeks, I have experienced persecution by the authorities that has made me realise our civil liberties in Europe are hanging by a thread. The Police State is almost here. It is one minute to midnight.

I, a graduate of Edinburgh University, who has written for Nature, the BMJ, the Scientist etc, risk being imprisoned for simply stating the facts about the vaccines.


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Posted by Jane Burgermeister
Chello internet provider censors emails with name “Jane Bürgermeister” in slot line

August 7, 2010

Last Sunday evening, a big email campaign kicked off in Switzerland about my impending detention, igniting a huge response in the German speaking world but by Tuesday, the internet internet provider Chello was censoring any emails with Jane Bürgermeister in the slot line and marking them as spam.

An IT expert looked into the matter and found a block had been placed on my name by Chello.

I was told that even emails with my name in the body of the text were returned to the sender. My name had to be eliminated altogether before emails were allowed through the filter.

In spite of the censorship, the word spread fast on the internet and many blogs in the German speaking world posted about my impending detention by Austrian authorities, determined to silence swine flu vaccine critics before the next vaccine campaign.

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Posted by Jane Burgermeister
Austrian state prosecutors appear to have faked second set of criminal charges to frame Jane Burgermeister

August 7, 2010

The Austrian government appears to have faked two sets of criminal charges in an attempt to bury my own criminal charges documenting how judges in Austria plan to strip me of all my civic rights on August 12th on the basis of falsehoods.

According to a letter from the corruption state prosecutor Katja Wallenschewski dated July 27th, criminal charges were filed by Heiner Lohmann and Christine Cote.

Heiner Lohmann who lives in Germany on August 3 sent a signed letter confirming he never filed any criminal charges in Austria. He said he just sent in a general protest letter about the persecution of myself and other Austrian dissidents by the authorities.

And today Christine Cote has emailed to say she never filed any criminal charges either as Wallenschewski claimed.

I have made a written request to see the charges allegedly filed by Cote and Lohmann. Who knows what on earth is in these fictious documents?

The Austrian government has now been caught red-handed faking two sets of criminal charges to frame me as a dangerous conspiracy theorist.

Austrian government officials do not appear to be on the cutting edge of the internet age or to realise just how transparent this kind of fraud is nowadays.

Penny Bright
Media Spokesperson
Water Pressure Group
Judicially recognised ‘Public Watchdog’ on Metrowater, water and Auckland regional governance matters.
“Anti-corruption campaigner”
(This letter was signed by others who attended the protest as well)

August 10, 2010 - Posted by | Human rights


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