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7 April 2010

PUBLIC WATCHDOG vs WHALEOIL  (& supporters…)
Attempted  to get an (intelligent and reasoned?) debate going on  the SUBSTANTIVE – not piddling  issue of North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams peeing on a tree   :

“Why has there never been a ‘cost-benefit’ analysis of any CCO model?

How does this represent ‘prudent stewardship’ / ‘fiscal responsibility’ over billion$ of public monies/resources?”

Unfortunately – I was spectacularly unsuccessful – appears no ‘right-wing’ blogger/supporter wants to even try to defend the indefensible….

My last post………………

pub­licwatch­dog on April 7th, 2010 at 12:30 pm

“Still not one rea­soned, intel­li­gent com­ment coun­ter­ing the lack of ‘pru­dent stew­ard­ship’ or fis­cal respon­si­bil­ity’ relat­ing to the total lack of ‘cost-benefit’ analy­sis of the CCO model.

No dis­re­spect folks (you know who you are) — but a num­ber of your posts are quite frankly — pathetic — truly ‘sad’.

So — am I to con­clude that ‘right-wing’ blog­gers (or the ones who post on this site — includ­ing Cameron) don’t sup­port the prin­ci­ples of ‘pru­dent stew­ard­ship’ or fis­cal respon­si­bil­ity’ apply­ing to bil­lions of $$$ of pub­lic monies or resources?


That’s a vote-winning strat­egy the pub­lic will support!




Penny Bright
Media Spokesper­son
Water Pres­sure Group
Judi­cially recog­nised ‘Pub­lic watch­dog’ on Metrowa­ter, water and Auck­land regional gov­er­nance mat­ters.
“Anti-corruption campaigner”

April 7, 2010 - Posted by | Stop the $uper City

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  1. Hello.Trouble is you are right.
    We are in “interesting” times at the moment.
    I dont deal in left and right politics.
    I dont trust any government.
    I monitor whats happening without the emotion of politics.
    I watch question time and other stuff and i follow whats going on with everything else.
    The conclusion i am coming to is that we are being set up for a corporate takeover.
    Auckland is just the beginning.
    And then the corporate assett stripping will begin.
    Just like the railway and every other government assett that we had.
    Just stolen from under our noses and like like bloody sheep we get to watch.
    vive la revolution.

    Comment by old timer | April 8, 2010 | Reply

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