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If you are opposed to the $UPERCITY and you don’t vote Penny Bright for Mayor – you are wasting your vote!

17 September 2010


Penny Bright is standing for Auckland mayor in the 2010 local body elections.

She provided this statement:

“Thank God when the Nazis invaded France – the French Resistance didn’t just wring their hands and say
“Oh well – it’s too late – we can’t do anything.”

Thoughout New Zealand towns and cities, are historically significant marble monuments dedicated to those who left in their khakhi uniforms and never came home.

Is that why 12,500 ANZACs died in Northern France and Belgium?

So the income stream from operating and managing OUR key public infrastructural water services, transport and rubbish collection could be taken over by French multinational company Veolia – without OUR consent?

Without a shot being fired – this Auckland ‘$UPERCITY is a blatant corporate raid, aimed at seizing control and privatising over $28 billion worth of Auckland regional public assets.

This has been another Rogernomic$ blitzkreig, pushed by big business, in order to run the Auckland region, ‘like a business, by business, for business’.

How business will take over is through the corporate ‘Council Controlled Organisation’ (CCO) model, into which 75% of Auckland regional rates will be paid, run by boards of unelected business appointees, over which the public have no direct control.

The other Mayoral candidates who support – or are not opposed to the CCO model – therefore support this corporate takeover.

The corporate agenda is to ‘commercialise, corporatise – then PRIVATISE these public assets through long-term leases via Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). Although the infrastructure may remain in public ownership – the income stream from operating and managing the asset will flow (usually overseas) into the banks of private shareholders.

The aim of the $upercity is to replace thousands of private ‘piggy in the middle’ snouts with fewer but bigger multinational snouts – into a bigger public trough.

This political battle isn’t between ‘left’ and ‘right’.
It’s between the corporates and the public, and those who serve their interests.

Citizens were denied our lawful right to a binding vote on the $UPERCITY as enshrined in s 24 of the Local Government Act 2002 “Reorganisational Proposal’, Schedule 3, s 49 “Polls must be held”
“a poll of electors on the proposal that that the reorganisation scheme proceed must be held in each district or region that is directly affected by the scheme.”

Since the last ‘amalgamations’ in the 1980s, when the functioning Auckland Regional Authority (ARA) and local Borough Councils were replaced with our current Councils; since ‘in-house’ Council services were replaced with the ‘contractocracy’ – since the introduction of commercialised ‘more efficient’ CCOs


What are YOU going to say when your grandson or granddaughter asks:

“Why is Auckland is run by multinational companies?

Why does everything cost so much money?

Why are Mummy and Daddy going to shift us over to Australia?

Why didn’t people stop this Grandma? Grandad?”

[(Give) this Government the very clear message, that cannot be ignored – the people do NOT want the Auckland $upercity.

Vote for the proven ‘Public Watchdog’ Penny Bright for Mayor!

September 17, 2010 - Posted by | Auckland Mayoral campaign, Fighting corruption in NZ, Fighting water privatisation in NZ, Human rights, Stop the $uper City

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