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Public Watchdog Penny Bright asks Labour Party voters to consider a strategic vote for her in the Botany by-election!

4 March 2011


Hi folks!

Interested in your considered opinions and intelligent debate on the following proposal! :)

Respectfully suggest that Labour voters in Botany consider strategically voting for myself, proven Independent \’Public Watchdog\’ Penny Bright, for the following reason:

National’s political fortunes are totally intertwined with those of Prime Minister John Key.

It is my considered opinion that as John Key’s carefully spin-doctored ‘ordinary bloke’ hollow mask continues to slip, and his ‘true blue’ corporate raider past and present is exposed – John Key’s support will continue to slide in the polls.

(National’s support will follow………………)

It appears that no one else it asking John Key the HARD questions that I am:

eg: Is John Key personally profiting from NZ’s growing indebtedness?:

No one else that I know of has taken a private prosecution against John Key over Tranz Rail:

(There was effectively a mainstream media black out on this issue – at the same time there was a concerted \’MAN ON THE MOON\’ headlines campaign against Winston Peters and NZ First to prevent their attaining the 5% party vote.)

With all due respect – who do you think John Key would be more concerned about as an MP in the House?

Independent \’Public Watchdog\’ Penny Bright or Labour\’s Michael Wood?

(It\’s a hard, but fair question?)

Who would be best positioned to pressure John Key on these issues from INSIDE the House?

Who has the proven track record in fighting privatisation and corruption?

Just for your consideration Labour Botany voters ………………… it\’s your call! :)


Irrespective of the outcome of this by-election, the public spotlight is now starting to focus on these related issues of privatisation and corruption.

(HOW is it decided who gets the privatised contracts?)

It is my considered opinion, that ‘asset sales’ / ‘partial privatisation’ is going to be the pivotal election issue in both the Botany by-election, and the forthcoming general election.

If a significant number of Labour, Green and NZ First Party supporters cast a strategic vote, on top of support that I have been told that I already have – this election result could be quite historic!

An Independent Public Watchdog INSIDE the House?

With access to all that information (in a proper way – of course! :)

Unlimited written questions to Ministers?

Access to Parliamentary Library staff researchers?

(I know this because I have already been down to Parliament, spoken to a senior Parliamentary staffer, got my own copy of Parliamentary Standing Orders, and am ready to get stuck in – boots and all from Day One :)

Finding out EXACTLY where our public monies are going?

Finding out WHO exactly is benefiting?

Finding out how exactly ‘State capture’ (where vested interests get their way at the policy level before legislation is passed), operates in NZ?

Then letting the public know what I have found out?

Unlike young National Party hack Jami-Lee Ross, (who refers to John Key as ‘The Boss’), and will be expected to sit down, shut up and do as he is told.

FYI – this is a 3 minute You Tube clip of the views of five of the Botany by-election candidates on asset sales, taken at the first candidate debate on 15 February 2011:

(Listed in the same order as on the You Tube clip)


Paul Young New Citizen Party

Lyn Murphy ACT

Michael Wood Labour

Jami-Lee Ross National

(In reply to a member of the audience who asks:

“How can I vote for you if I’m totally opposed to State-owned asset sales?”

Jami-Lee Ross states:

“If you’re completely opposed to asset sales I’m probably not the person for you.”

Yep! Exactly right.

(Included in full, to assist with informed debate on the Botany by-election :)

FYI – this quarter page advertisement appeared on Pg3 in both the Howick and Botany Times (2 March 2011), and Howick and Pakuranga Times (3 March 2011).

This popular community newspaper is delivered free to households, and between both papers more than covers every household in the Botany electorate.

(In case you haven’t seen this.)



It’s ‘people power’ time!

It’s time for a fiercely independent ‘Public Watchdog with a proven track record of defending the public interest INSIDE the House of Parliament.

Someone with the guts to ask the hard questions!

Eg: To whom exactly is NZ in debt? Open the books!

Where exactly is our public money being spent?

How much public money is going to greedy corporate welfare beneficiaries?

How much public money is being spent on the ‘contractocracy’ vs the ‘bureaucracy’?

(ie: Private ‘piggy in the middle’ contractors vs ‘in-house’ central & local govt employees?)

Who else is holding MPs and the Government accountable? Where’s the ‘transparency’?

NZ is ‘perceived’ to be the least corrupt country in the world – but our MP’s don’t even have a ‘Code of Conduct’!

Why aren’t the public given the name of the contractors; the scope, term and value of billion$ of private sector contracts at local and central government level?

Why is there no ‘Register of Interests’ for local government elected representatives and staff responsible for property and procurement’?

Who decides who gets the contracts? ($$$???)

Why has there never been any ‘cost-benefit’ analysis of the ‘commercialise, corporatise – PRIVATISE ‘Rogernomics’ model – that this National/Act Government wants to extend?

Who has, and will benefit from future privatisation and asset sales? The public?

How will the ‘Mums and Dads’ who can’t afford to pay their power bills, going to afford to invest in the power companies?

How do ‘vested interests’ get there way at the policy level – before legislation is passed?

Have we got endemic ‘State capture’ in NZ?

Who is benefiting from the Auckland $upercity? The public or multinational contractors?

Please – give me a chance to act as a public watchdog from inside Parliament!

For more information:

Authorised by Penny Bright 86A School Rd, Kingsland.

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