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Chairman of the Asian Anti-Crime Group, Peter Low, comments after the Botany by-election candidates forum held on Friday 25 February 2011

Chairman of the Asian Anti-Crime Group, Peter Low, comments after the candidates forum held on Friday 25 February 2011 at ChinaTown, 262 Ti Rakau Drive, East Tamaki.

Peter Low played a key role in helping to organise the 15,000 anti-crime march in Botany in 2008. He is both well-respected, and connected within and beyond the Botany community.


“Jamie Lee Ross (National Party)

Jamie was very confident in the beginning but never stated clearly how he would enforce the law or how crime reduction would be improved in Botany.  He mentioned that 300 policemen was recruited under the rule of the National Party, he has mentioned some statistical figures, but did not mention about the number of unreported crimes made to the police.  Concerns were made in regards to the numerous incidents of bag snatching at the Pakuranga Mall, Botany Town Centre and Chinatown.   These were questions being asked, asking why he did not respond to these matters, but he did not respond clearly.  You be the judge.

Jamie 自发言起就表现出非常地自信, 可是,他从头到尾都没有明确地告诉大家他要如何加强法制,减少犯罪, 改善Botany社区. 他提及了国家党执政后增募了300名的警员; 并引用了一些数据,但是这些数据里面并没有包括那些没有报告警方的罪案. 同时Jamie对在Pakuranga购物中心,Botany购物中心和中国城常发的抢包案表示关心.在论坛的过程中,Jamie被一位民众提问,可是Jamie没能够清晰地回答.


Michael Wood (Labour Party)

Michael spoke calmly and mentioned how unemployment may lead to the increasing crime rate.  There was a lot of blame against the National party.  However when Labour ruled for 9 years there was very little improvements.  We would rather see some constructive ideas and actions put into place rather than seeing the finger pointing and pushing the blame around.  You be the judge

Michael的发言镇静且清晰. 他提出失业率的升高导致了犯罪率的升高,国家党应该为此而检讨. 只是,我们大家都知道,工党执政的九年里,失业率和犯罪率并没有怎么改善过. 我们想说,与其对别人指指点点,不如自己实际行动.


Lyn Murphy (Act Party)

Lyn spoke very softly but at the end we came to understand from her speech, that the “3 Strikes” bill was active and put in place for violent crimes, but not so active for minor crimes such as bag snatching and burglary.  We would like to see some actions taken towards improvements on the self-defence bill, but again, thoughts on crime reduction in Botany was not mentioned.

Lyn发言的的声音很柔弱,大家要很用力地听,最好才明白她的发言. 她提及了 “3镇法的修改和实施打击了暴力犯罪. 可是,这对小罪案,例如抢包和入屋偷袭,并没有起到很好的作用. 我们希望看到实际的改变. 另外,Lyn没有提及如何降低Botany地区的犯罪率.


Penny Bright (Independant)

Penny is new to the public but speaks genuinely and talked about how we should know our rights, and the consequences if we didn’t.  She is the ‘watchdog’ that advises us about what goes on behind the curtains of the political world, corruption and conspiracies, that we all as citizens should be aware of.  She is not scared to speak against anyone.  She appears confident and fearless to speak for the people of Botany.  You be the judge.

Penny对于大家来说是新的面孔,可是Penny的发言诚恳,真挚. Penny告诉大家要知道自己的权益,并提醒大家要看清政治家的背面. Penny的发言不畏惧得罪任何人,她表现出来非常地自信.


Paul Young (New Citizen Party)

Paul has proved that his multi-lingual ability gives him the advantage to represent the Chinese community.  He mentioned that he is also the vice chairman of the ACRC.  Good on him for contributing twice at the Safety Fair, but has this made any impact or improvements on the crime situation?  You be the judge.

Paul的发言向大家证明了他的多种语言能力,这使他能够很好地代表华社. 他同时提及他是ACRC的主席.我们可以看到他还是很关心有关治安方面的会议,有会必到. 可是我们更想知道他实际会为社区安全做些什么.


James Searl (Police Manukau)

James introduced himself and his team from Howick, Flat Bush, Otara & Botany Downs.  He also expressed his condolences to the 2 victims who recently had their homes burgled 5 times in Papatoetoe, and Bucklands Beach.  At least they showed us they want to work with the people and develop an understanding and good relationship. I commented on how their ticketing on drivers is harsh, yet they should be more harsh on real crime.

James 向大家介绍了自己和他的团队(Howice,Flat Bush, Otara & Botany Downs). 他对连续被5次入室盗窃的受害人表示慰问,同时向大家表示警察队伍希望与民众友好合作. 我们更希望看到警察队伍少开超速罚单,多办罪案.

Peter Low (AAG)

Crime has no shame.  We are not safe.  We do not feel safe.  Politicians do not feel embarrassed if they do not deliver what they promise.

罪案不断, 我们没有安全. 我们要问政治家们,你们没有信守承诺,没有保证我们的安全,你们羞愧吗?

Thank you

Peter Low  ”

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