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Ian Wishart (45) Says: June 29th, 2011 at 2:11 pm

1.If Macsyna was so concerned about the environment she was introducing her twins to she could have adopted them out to a family that could have ensured a safer and healthier environment.

(Ian Wishart)  Macsyna didn’t realise someone had injured the twins.

2.If Macsyna suspected abuse or neglect from herself or others within her household she could have spoken up for her babies… yes, she could have spoken anonymously or otherwise to CYFS, the Police, a Not-for-profit, Plunket, and others. Her previous children are cared for by others, why not these babies?

She did not suspect abuse – she was as surprised as everyone else to discover it. She then spoke to Police to help gain a conviction

3.She could have kept her eyes open. Macsyna either never noticed or didn’t care about injuries caused to the twins in previous “attacks” or incidents.

The injuries had to be picked up by scans. Babies are incredibly fragile. She didn’t notice anything unusual

4.After the hospitalisation of her babies, Macsyna could have spoken to the Police fully about what she did know.

She did speak to police fully about what she knew

5.Macsyna could have encouraged others in her family to speak to the Police.

She turned her own brother in to police

6.Macsyna could have told her story to the court throughout the trial. Indeed she did do this, but why not the whole story (as suggested by Wishart)?

Macsyna answered the questions she was asked.

I asked some different questions. Ditto

8.Macsyna has even had multiple opportunities to talk to mainstream, sensitive interviewers where she could have told her story in a non-confrontational way.


As for compensation. I purchased a Domino’s pizza for lunch during one of the interviews, does that count?

What a bunch of armchair experts firing off half-cocked.

For an audio grab from the interviews, visit



publicwatchdog (752) Says: June 29th, 2011 at 2:20 pm

“That means we can boycott the book, and any other books by this publisher – Howling at the Moon.    Wishart could have redeemed himself. If he had published this book with the intention to bring justice in this matter or to hand over the guilty killer. Sadly, Ian Wishart has positioned himself as sensationalist, and undermined any previous reputation he had for investigative reporting.” __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Really? How about getting the FACTS – from Ian Wishart directly? __________________________________________________________________________________________________

News release on Ian Wishart’s Kahui case book, Breaking Silence


The Facebook page on Macsyna King is dishonest.

They have known all along that Macsyna has neither sought nor been offered any money or compensation for the book Breaking Silence by Ian Wishart.

Still, the anonymous woman behind the Boycott Macsyna site continues to peddle her claim, knowing it to be untrue. ______________________________________________________________________________________________


“Macsyna is about to release a book that will allow her to profit from her attrocious deeds.”

Boycott the Macsyna King Book


Macsyna King is about to release a book which will allow her to profit from her attrocious deeds.


Macsyna King, the mother (and I use that in a purely biological sense and not a maternal one) of the Chris and Kru Kahui is about to release a tell all (and by all, I mean the bits she remembers which won’t incriminate her further) book about the tragic murder of her three month old twin babies.

I am trying to organize a boycott of this book and until such time as it is pulled from the shelves, all other Ian Wishart books and all other books by the publisher. Somebody like this should not be allowed to profit from preaching her perverted view of the horrific events which led to the deaths of the only two children who hadn’t already been taken from her by CYF’s.

Website… ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

IAN WISHART CONFIRMS: ‘Ms King was not getting any money out of the book’

Anti-Kahui book group is a ‘lynch mob’

Mr Wishart has spoken out against the angry Facebook posts on the ‘Boycott the Macsyna King Book’ page in an interview with TVNZ. Many of the posts accuse Ms King of profiting from the death of her sons and call for violence against her. ………….

Ms King was not getting any money out of the book, Mr Wishart said.

He said he would be collecting profits from sales, but most would go to book stores and he would be left with a “wage on the table”. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Who from the ‘Kiwiblog LYNCH MOB’ would like to have a go at me – because you don’t like the FACTS and HONEST OPINION that I am putting forward?

Fill your boots.

I support Ian Wishart 100% on this one. Good on him.

If Ian Wishart’s book ‘Breaking the Silence’, which he has taken the time to research and write, helps to reopen the Police inquiry into the killing of the Kahui baby boys, and results in a conviction, following LAWFUL DUE PROCESS – then that will surely be the outcome most people want?

I don’t begrudge Ian Wishart making money from writing and publishing this book.

That’s what he does for a living, and he has a family to look after.

Isn’t that what people want? The ‘silence’ about child abuse to be ‘broken’?

Especially in this Kahui case? Full credit to Ian Wishart.

I look forward to exercising my lawful right to buy and read ‘Breaking the Silence’, and hope thousands of other decent, thinking New Zealanders do likewise.

Penny Bright

June 29, 2011 - Posted by | Human rights, Internationally significant information

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  1. I found this on another web site. So this covers the answer to the timing of the realese of the book, this is copied from a stament by Wishart

    “Normally we alert our customers well in advance of publication so they can get a guaranteed pre-order, but we didn’t because at that stage the Inquest was still holding hearings.”

    “Unfortunately, we were required to give bookshops a month’s notice in advance of the new title, and one of those shops told a journalist at TVNZ and the rest, as they say, is history.”

    So it wasn’t even him that went to realese the book at the time of the hearings, it was someone from a book store who went to the media.
    The media is this country lack information reporting. We at home watching the TV only ever know a tiny little bit about stories in the media.
    Now I do not at all disagree that what happened to those children is not wrong and disgusting, but before you go making threats to burn down book stores, people should know what they are talking about first and have all the facts, and that we cereinty don’t get on the 6 oclock news. And if we want to stop child abuse in Nz then maybe there is something that can be lerned from reading the book. I don’t believe anyone has the right to stop me from buying and reading that book as my right. The book shouldn’t be banned because an uninformed group of violent people threaten to burn book stores down. Even if you don’t plan to be violent the fact that you have said you will be is just as bad. You don’t beat violence with violence.

    Comment by Merrin | August 27, 2011 | Reply

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