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JANE BURGERMEISTER REPORT: ‘True Finn leader’s anti euro commentary in The Wall Street Journal gets record views’

True Finn leader’s anti euro commentary in The Wall Street Journal gets record views

Jane Burgermeister | May 12, 2011 at 6:26 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:

Timo Soini’s commentary in The Wall Street Journal is the most widely read online article this week


The opinion piece written by MP Timo Soini, leader of the True Finns party, which appeared in the business newspaper The Wall Street Journal on Monday, has been the paper’s most widely-read article on the Web during the current week and month.
According to the statistics of the US newspaper, Soini’s op-ed outdoes all news, including the news on Microsoft’s Skype acquisiton, in terms of weekly and monthly statistics.
However, in the series of the most widely read daily news, the Microsoft acquisition surpasses Soini’s commentary. Read more of this post

In his op-ed, entitled “Why I Don’t Support Europe’s Bailouts” , Timo Soini rails against the practice of shovelling money at countries that have got themselves into trouble and writes: “In a true market economy, bad choices get penalized. Instead of accepting losses on unsound investments — which would have led to the probable collapse of some banks —it was decided to transfer the losses to taxpayers via loans, guarantees, and opaque constructs such as the European Financial Stability Fund. The money did not go to help indebted economies. It flowed through the European Central Bank and recipient states to the coffers of big banks and investment funds”.

Given the recent developments to the effect that Soini’s party have decided to remain in opposition (see other stories) in spite of their thumping election victory in April, it is unlikely that the story will go away or that the number of comments being added below it will peter out.

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