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VOTERS OF BOTANY! It’s ‘people power’ time! Vote proven INDEPENDENT Public Watchdog Penny Bright into the House of Parliament!

Quarter page,  Pg 3 advertisement in both Howick and Botany Times (2 March 2011)  and Howick and Pakuranga Times (3 March 2011)!
These free Times community newspapers cover the entire Botany electorate plus more.

This is the wording – (can’t access the ad on-line unfortunately – just asked.)

Irrespective of the result of the election (5 March 2011) – I will have achieved my main aim of shining a public spotlight on the issues of privatisation and corruption.

Becoming the first MP elected as a ‘Public Watchdog’ to act from INSIDE the House will be a HUGE bonus!

Here’s hoping that history will be made by the people of Botany!


(The photo used was taken from the photo used in the Howick and Botany Times article 10 February 2011)

“I’m public’s watchdog” says Bright.

( Advertisement – layout doesn’t match ad – but this is the wording!)



It’s ‘people power’ time!

It’s time for a fiercely independent ‘Public Watchdog with a  proven track record of defending the public  interest INSIDE  the House of Parliament.

Someone with the guts to ask the hard questions!

Eg:  To whom exactly is NZ in debt? Open the books!

Where exactly is our public money being spent?

How much public money is going to greedy corporate welfare beneficiaries?

How much public money is being spent on the ‘contractocracy’

vs the ‘bureaucracy’?

(ie: Private ‘piggy in the middle’ contractors

vs  ‘in-house’ central & local govt employees?)

Who else is holding MPs and the Government accountable?

Where’s the ‘transparency’?

NZ is ‘perceived’ to be the least corrupt country in the world – but our MP’s don’t even have a ‘Code of Conduct’!

Why aren’t the public given the name of the contractors; the scope, term and value of billion$ of private sector contracts at local and central government level?

Why is there no ‘Register of Interests’ for local government elected representatives and staff responsible for  property and procurement’?

Who decides who gets the contracts?  ($$$???)

Why has there never been any ‘cost-benefit’ analysis of the ‘commercialise, corporatise – PRIVATISE ‘Rogernomics’ model – that this National/Act Government wants to extend?

Who has, and will benefit from future privatisation and asset sales?

The public?

How will the ‘Mums and Dads’ who can’t afford to pay their power bills, going to afford to invest in the power companies?

How do ‘vested interests’ get there way at the policy level  – before legislation is passed?

Have we got endemic  ‘State capture’ in NZ?

Who is benefiting from the  Auckland $upercity?

The public or multinational contractors?

Please – give me a chance to act as a public watchdog from inside Parliament!

For more information:

Authorised by Penny Bright 86A School Rd, Kingsland.

March 3, 2011 - Posted by | Botany By-election 2011, Fighting corruption in NZ, Fighting water privatisation in NZ, Stop the $uper City, Transparency in Govt spending

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