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Health Freedom NZ Newsletter Action Alert! “Stand Alone Regulator For Natural Health Product Regulation A Welcomed Move”

Health Freedom NZ Newsletter Action Alert

Hi Penny,

Stand Alone Regulator For Natural Health Product Regulation A Welcomed Move

Health Freedom New Zealand Trust is pleased the Government and Green Party support a local solution to the regulation of Natural Health Products, with a separate regulator to Medsafe, the pharmaceutical drug regulator.

“Health Freedom has always maintained it makes no sense to use the toxicology model of regulation on natural health products. Having the drug regulator take charge of the pharmaceutical industry’s primary competitor also represents too much of a conflict of interest” says the Trust’s spokeswoman Nicola Grace. “We await the initial draft of the bill with positive anticipation. When it arrives we will review it thoroughly, mindful of the maxim that ‘the devil is in the detail’.”

It is encouraging that the Government acknowledges that natural health products have a long history of safe use and needs a risk proportionate approach to regulation. Ensuring that consumers receive truthful information about the products they are buying, that manufacturing standards are adhered to, while also safe guarding consumer choice, will be good for the health and prosperity of our country.

The fact that the Government and Green Party, under MP Sue Kedgley’s guidance, have been able to work with the natural health sector, listen to the needs and wants of the New Zealand consumer, is to be commended.

The Health Freedom NZ Trust supports passage of a fair and sensible bill through parliament before the elections. “A fair and sensible Bill needs to ensure a buoyant Natural Health Industry while protecting the consumers’ right of access to the wide range of Natural Health Products New Zealanders currently enjoy.”  says Ms Grace.

Nicola Grace can be contacted for comment on 021 2587654 or


June 20, 2011 - Posted by | Human rights, Internationally significant information

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