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JANE BURGERMEISTER REPORT: ‘Extreme right-wing Diva Heinz-Christian Strache stakes claim to be next Chancellor of Austria ‘

Extreme right-wing Diva Heinz-Christian Strache stakes claim to be next Chancellor of Austria

Far right wing demagogue Heinz- Christian Strache has said that he wants to be the next Chancellor of Austria at a rally for his supporters in Graz.

Portraying himself as a critic of the EU and the banks, Strache, is making a blatant attempt to hijack a growing grass roots movement opposing the authoritarian EU and the bankster bailouts.

Strache is a dental technician by training (though low achievement has never been a bar to leading far right parties in Austria as exemplified by the career of Adolf Hitler) – and so his call for Austria to form a “cultural community” with Germany in an echo of 1933 carried a hollow ring of pathos.

The bankers know they have to switch out their sock puppets politicians, who are plummetting in the polls due to the bankster bailouts, soon so that they can get four more years of looting tax payers. Strache is the front man for a new aggressive phase involving a more intense crack down on civil rights, war mongering and social unrest and designed to coincide with ever tighter fiscal austerity measures kicking in from 2012 due to the bailouts.

For Strache to claim that he stands for freedom and law and order is like a wolf claiming he is vegetarian to get into the sheep pen.

Strache stokes hatred for anyone who does not agree with his neo-Nazi coloured world view.

Far from representing a break with the current politics, Strache’s new Freedom Party line up is comprised of the ultimate insiders in the shady far right scene so often linked with criminal ventures.

Strache obviously thinks that people in Austria have a memory hole and have forgotten already that they were looted by the last predatory far right government led by Jörg Haider.

In fact, the new faces in the proposed far right cabinet make former far right Finance Minister Karl Heinz Grasser — who was found to have been lugging suitcases full of cash to invest in dodgy bank deals at the cost tax payers — look squeaky clean. Karl Heinz Grasser is married to Fiona Swarowski, scion of the super rich Swarowski clan, and along with the Flick Foundation reaped significant profits paid thanks to the  tax payers in a shady Hypo Alpe Adria deal he has never been held to account for by justice officials.

Among the collection of eccentrics and outsiders in the far right cabinet, there is Johan Gudenus, the Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg of Austria.

The scion of wealthy, far right family, Gudenus is not known to have held any job at all – perhaps because looking after his hair style and going to parties is too time consuming.

After graduating in law from Vienna university and undergoing a short stint as a trainee at a local court, Gudenus seems to have gone straight into the Freedom Party, where he has lived the life of one of the pampered political elite ever since, appearing only now and then to stoke hostility towards asylum seekers. No sensible policy intitiative has ever been heard of from Gudenus – and yet he is supposed to be the next foreign minister.

Gudenus made headlines after he was caught brawling outside a beer tent and in a disco as part of the Opera ball, and the ability to pick fights will be very useful for a warmongering minister. Others may have to shed their blood in Libya and the Middle East for Gudenus, who can put his feet up and count his increased revenue from his family investments in corporations and banks.

Gudenus along with Martin Graf and other members of the far right fencing fraternities also attended a ceremony on May 8th in the Heldenplatz in Vienna to mark Nazi Germany’s capitulation in the second world war, and Austria and Germany will be head for their third major defeat in any world war under the brazenly cynical bankster puppets like this if they ever get into power.


June 18, 2011 - Posted by | Internationally significant information, Jane Burgermeister Report

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