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JANE BURGERMEISTER REPORT: ‘Max Keiser spreads hysteria about bank crashes’

Max Keiser spreads hysteria about bank crashes

Max Keiser dropped a clue as to who he really works for when he revealed in a radio interview on the Alex Jones show that he sold his office space in the WTC just before the September 9/11 attacks – and Alex Jones never picked him up on that or asked any questions. Strange.

Keiser also pushed the ludicrous plan to destroy JP Morgan by buying silver – and made a  hefty profit from selling his own silver coins, no doubt.

And he advocated an irresponible bank run – something that all the banksters want to have an excuse for another bust after their booms.

More and more people are recognising that not only is the mainstream media controlled. Large sections of the alternative media are too.

Now Keiser is off message again in making the unfounded claim that there is a genuine danger of a Greek default destroying the eurozone financial system in the event of Greece going bankrupt.

But the fact is, it is the ECB and state run banks that now hold the overwhelming majority of Greek bonds and not private banks.

The few commercial banks that still hold some of these bonds like Deutsche Bank can easily afford to write off their losses.

And if they can’t they should go into a managed insolvency. There should be no more tax payer money wasted on this scam.

We all know the banksters want an excuse to crash a banks because they need their second bust or double dip recession to really clean out the eurozone tax payers.

Added pressure for a bank crash soon comes from the bankster’s need to divert attention from the way the ECB has become a huge bad bank against the rules. In fact, the ECB now has so many bad loans from Greek, Portuguese, Italian and Spain banks on ist books that it is threatening the financial system of the eurozone.

The dynamics inherent in the public sector Ponzi scheme and loan sharking operation run by the ECB, EU and IMF mean that the ECB must keep on taking onto their books the garbage collateral in return for giving banks good money.

The banksters hope that by engineering private bank to go bankrupt, the general public will be so confused they will not notice the ECB is insolvent because of its role in this scam.

An Austrian bank could highly likely be the one that declares itself bankrupt, causing financial mayhem. We know that the Austrian interior ministry hammered out a secret plan for a Greek default and bank crash one year ago.

In 1931, it was an Austrian bank, Creditanstalt, which fell on ist sword and wrecked the financial system.

Max Keiser is the banker’s tool. But why does he keep appearing on the Alex Jones show to spread hysteria on behalf of the bankers after his abysmal record?

June 17, 2011 - Posted by | Fighting corruption internationally, Internationally significant information, Jane Burgermeister Report

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