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JANE BURGERMEISTER REPORT:’Irish politician talked frankly only in confines of US embassy, US diplomatic cables show’

Irish politician talked frankly only in confines of US embassy, US diplomatic cables show

Leaked US diplomatic cables revealed that Germany’s Defence Minister Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble went to the US embassy to give secret briefings.

And now it has emerged that Irish politicians are doing the very same. Labour leader Eamon Gilmore even went as far as to tell his US fixers that he only pretended to support a second vote on the Lisbon Treaty to hoodwink voters.

Read more by Gene Kerrigan in the Irish Independent:

Kerrigan: Gilmore hasn’t a shred of credibility left

The Labour leader’s two-faced approach to a second vote on Lisbon is shocking, writes Gene Kerrigan

Sunday June 05 2011

EAMON Gilmore’s reputation was severely damaged last week — and few seemed to notice or care. Given the further dreadful things about to be done to this country, it’s hard to get worked up about the slings and arrows afflicting a here-today-gone-tomorrow politician — even a Tanaiste.

But what has been revealed about Gilmore is shocking and his reputation was exploded by his own words. His efforts last week to claim he did nothing wrong dug him a deeper hole.

When the Irish Independent began running extracts from US State Department cables, released by Wikileaks, who’d have thought the leader of the Labour Party would feature in dispatches from the US Embassy? There he was, a confidant of Uncle Sam — caught explaining in private that his “public posture” was the opposite of what he truly believed and intended doing. But it was “politically necessary”.

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