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JANE BURGERMEISTER REPORT: ‘Ireland will default anyway so better for’

Ireland will default anyway so better for it to be happen soon, says Irish Independent

 We will default, so let’s get on with it

But it’s not all bad — a top financier thinks Ireland’s glass is half full and our bank debts will be shared, writes Daniel McConnell

By Daniel McConnell, Irish Independent
Sunday June 05 2011

Ireland will default, when it does happen we should not do it alone but with Greece and Portugal; we should consider leaving Europe given how badly they treat us; we need to take a scalpel to our public sector and Ireland will take five to seven years from now to recover.

Those are the views of Larry McDonald, former Lehman Brothers vice president turned international best-selling author, who was in Dublin last week speaking at the Irish Funds Industry Association.

McDonald was, until September 2008, vice president of distressed debt and convertible securities trading at Lehman Brothers. He was heralded by many colleagues at Lehman for both his early 2006 call on the subprime crisis and the $46m in trading profits realised from it.

I sat down with him on Friday afternoon last in the heart of the IFSC to discuss his take on Ireland’s future. And while his stark outlook may shock many, his candid, no-nonsense pronouncements are exactly what we need to see more of from our Taoiseach Enda Kenny and his government ministers.

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