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JANE BURGERMEISTER REPORT: JANE BURGERMESITER REPORT: ‘Judge Michaela Lauer’s bill of 40,000 euros for her criminal inheritance proceedings’

Judge Michaela Lauer’s bill of 40,000 euros for her criminal inheritance proceedings

 QuantcastReaders of this blog will know that in Austria, the local magistrate’s court winds up the estate of a deceased person whether you want them to or not. This opens the door for flagrant fraud, abuse, crimes and theft. Hietzing judge Michael Lauer’s various crimes in connection with the inheritance of my late father, including trying to get me placed under a court guardianship by a false statement, have been well documented in legal action, also on this blog and elsewhere.

Now to cap it all, when the whole inheritance is finally concluded in spite of all her trickery and fraud, she and the solicitor and curator she appointed, Mag Friederich  Hutz and Dr Philip Nierlich, have dared to hand over a bill of 40,000 euros, thereby taking all the surplus cash in my Dad’s account once the funeral expenses and a few other bills are paid.

Dr Nierlich did nothing but cause damage, also by changing the locks of my father’s house and refusing to give me a key against the law, allowing the house to fall into disrepair, asked for 40,000 euros in his bill on the basis of some emails and phone calls. He suggested in an email that reducing his share of the bill to 19,500 euros was generous in spite of the fact he owes me damages for the little he did. Judge Lauer has glossed over all her  own crimes and his and is ready to hand over 40,000 euros in cash to her friends and has ordered us to pay it. Perhaps she is due to get a slice of it as we all know, in the meantime, from a smiliar case involving former Finance Minister Karl Heinz Grasser that he gave generous contracts to his friends for no real reason only to get some of that money transferred to secret back accounts.

There is absolutely nothing Lauer, Nierlich or Hutz did to justify such a huge bill and it is another example of the flagrant criminality of Austrian judges.

Anyway, as a result, I now have to devote more time and energy to filing appeals and charges against Lauer, Nierlich and Hutz, and will not be able to do so much on my blog.

Please consider that this blog can only run as long as I have money and I have to borrow money myself to keep going.

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May 16, 2011 - Posted by | Internationally significant information, Jane Burgermeister Report

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