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JANE BURGERMEISTER REPORT:’Banks are ‘hounding borrowers to suicide’, reports Irish Independent’

Banks are ‘hounding borrowers to suicide’, reports Irish Independent

Jane Burgermeister | May 13, 2011 at 12:29 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:

While the likes of Josef Ackermann, Timothy Geithner, George Soros,  the Rothshields enjoy lavish lifestyles at the expense of the US, German and Irish taxpayers due to the criminal operations of the banks, those same banks are hounding people in Ireland to suicide over debts they cannot repay because they have lost their jobs due to the recession those banks helped cause.

The cruelty and rapacity of the criminal banks towards the Irish is so extreme that even the High Court chief has felt compelled to talk out.

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With pressure for criminal justice proceedings reported to be building against Goldman Sachs in the USA and the eurozone facing a Ponzi style meltdown, it will not be long before the major players will also be brought to trial. They have robbed too many people, ruined too many lives and been too flagrantly corrupt and criminal – and in front of the whole world. Even the mainstream media is reporting on the financial crimes.

The banker’s disinfo agents Jim Corr and Ian Crane now touring Ireland to obtain information on the opposition must realise by now the opposition is far too vast for them to begin to comprehend it.

Irish memories are very long. And every fat cat, criminal bankster who stuffs themselves with the food that should be on the plate of an Irish person will be held to justice.

Banks are ‘hounding borrowers to suicide’

High Court chief breaks silence to highlight crisis of personal debt

By Dearbhail McDonald and Tim Healy

Thursday May 12 2011

BANKS are driving some borrowers who can not pay their debts to suicide, the Master of the High Court warned last night.

Ed Honohan, brother of Central Bank Governor Patrick Honohan, told the Irish Independent he decided to speak out against the banks and other creditors because he had dealt with several debt cases where the borrowers had subsequently taken their own lives.

He added that he also decided to speak out as many borrowers who can not repay their loans, such as mortgages, credit cards and personal loans, are being pursued by banks who have already written off the debts.

This was leading to “meaningless accountancy exercises” that were driving some people to suicide, he said.

In an extraordinary intervention on the deepening debt crisis, Mr Honohan strongly criticised banks and other creditors for pursuing “to the bitter end” debtors who cannot pay judgment mortgages.

Banks are still required to chase debts and maximise recovery from borrowers even if they have written them off in their books.

Mr Honohan, a barrister, said most of the debt cases arose due to circumstances beyond the control of borrowers — because the economy shut down as a result of the banking collapse.

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