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JANE BURGERMEISTER REPORT:’Freed Austrian civil right’s activists allege justice officials tried to frame them’

Freed Austrian civil right’s activists allege justice officials tried to frame them

Jane Burgermeister | May 6, 2011 at 12:58 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:

Austria’s Green Party and 13 animal rights activists who were found not guilty of being members of a criminal organisation this week are to file charges against police and justice officials, alleging that they manipulated evidence to frame them, it has emerged.

The phones of the civil rights activists were tapped and undercover agents were infiltrated into the group as part of a three year investigation by a special police  commission. When the investigation turned up no evidence that the activists had violated any laws, justice and police officials manipulated evidence to suggest wrongdoing, the activists allege.

The activists were hauled out of their bed at night by armed police and nine of them put into jail for  three months before being put on trial for 14 months.

The trial has been condemned by NGOs for seeking to terrorise civil rights activists and undermining democracy and judicial principlies.

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