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‘Horrified at the thought of a John Key/Don Bra$h – National/ACT – more Rogernomic$ ‘Coalition? AUCKLAND MARCH! 1 May 2011 : Britomart

27 April 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Penny Bright – Media Spokesperson Water Pressure Group

‘Horrified at the thought of a John Key/Don Bra$h – National/ACT – more Rogernomic$ ‘Coalition?

Sunday 1 May 2011
Rally 2pm outside BRITOMART
March down Queen Street to Aotea Square
(Organised by the ‘Auckland Coalition for Social Justice’).

The spectre of a blatantly pro-corporate National /ACT coalition with John Key and Don Brash at the helm, wielding more pro-Rogernomic$/ anti-people policies should have the effect of driving voters towards those parties which have stated positions opposing such policies.

‘When the people lead – the politicians shall follow!’

The newly-formed Auckland ‘Coalition for Social Justice’ (established at a meeting held on 29 March 2011) of community groups, people from religious organisations and unions has organised the following event for the following reasons:


 Sunday May 1st, 2pm Rally at Britomart (Bottom of Queen St)
MARCH FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE. John Key is not working for New Zealand.
A new Coalition of community groups, people from religious organisations and unions has been formed. Our slogan is Social Justice (meeting occurred on the 29th March 2011).
Our aim is to challenge the policies of John Key and his  National led coalition.We believe they are not serving the interests of the majority of New Zealanders.
We are organising a MOBILISATION of ordinary Kiwis on SUNDAY 1ST MAY. Also more action when National announces the BUDGET on 19th May 2011.
Throughout the world ordinary people are challenging the Free Market prescription from government cuts to privatisation/asset sales.
New Zealanders are angry about GST, milk prices and secret Trade deals, cuts to Early Childhood education and privatisation of electricity.
Meredydd Barrar, spokesperson says, “Enough is enough. Recent government announcements about cuts and a Budget that will certainly condemn the majority of New Zealanders to relative poverty is not acceptable. Children and struggling families as well as students looking to further their higher education will be penalised”.
“There is a latent anger in New Zealand at the moment.
We aim to translate it into action.
National’s policies of cut backs and austerity measures will increase the gap between rich and poor which is already the 6th highest in the OECD. We believe this is unacceptable and uncivilised”.
‘New Zealanders deserve better than an economic philosophy that only seems to make bankers, corporate and speculators richer’.
Meredydd Barrar

National are obviously concerned that they will not get the numbers to govern alone – so they either need to breathe life into the ACT corpse – or blow hot air into the forming of a new ‘hollow man’ political right wing party.

Arguably the Botany by-election results helped to confirm that asset sales are NOT popular with the NZ voting public, including (former?) National Party supporters.

Interesting that there is some agreement here across the political spectrum over how inept the ‘I’m Brash – I’ve got the ca$h – it’s my way – or the highway’ attempted National Party takeover of ACT has been.

Bulldozer corporate boardroom tactics based on the ‘golden rule’ – ‘those who have the gold – make the rules’ – are arguably NOT a good look in our so-called New Zealand democracy.

How many  thinking voters are asking the obvious question – if this is how ‘Don The Dictator’  Bra$h acts in order to get into power – how on earth would he act if he was in power?

If he has so little respect for the internal ‘due process’ of the ACT Party that he wants to lead – (before even becoming a member) – how much respect will he have inside Parliament regarding the ‘rule of law’ and ‘doing things in a proper DEMOCRATIC way?

Perhaps ‘Don the Dictator’ Bra$h might support the  doing away with a number of Parliamentary democratic safeguards – Select Committee processes, for example?

Seems  he won’t get any disagreement from his fellow National Party mates on THAT one – will he –  given the number of times this National/ACT government has rushed through legislation under ‘URGENCY’ on ‘corporate raider’ John Key’s watch?

Where is the ‘transparency’?

WHOSE ‘gold’ is behind this attempted hostile takeover by ‘the too-Bra$h Don’ who STILL(?) isn’t even a member of ACT, and is STILL(?) a member of the National Party?

So – in the true form of corporate ‘democracy’ – according to the ‘golden rule’ ie: ‘those who have the gold make the rules’ – Brash ‘I’ve got the ca$h’ – without even being a member of the ACT Party – is saying ‘pick me,  pick me as Leader – or I’ll start a new party’.

Not that there is much difference between National and ACT when both their personnel and policies are effectively so interchangeable?

Is this the sort of NZ ‘democracy’ we have?

Is THIS the sort of ‘democracy’ for which  those whose sacrifices are commemorated on ANZAC day are supposed to have died?

Where we get the government that the majority of big business want us to have, through corporate media manipulation, (and anonymous political donations)?

‘Bumbling but ‘nice guy  Mr Magoo’ Don Brash’ has now dropped the spin-doctored packaging  to reveal ‘bumbling, but arrogant Dictator Don Bra$h’ – for the world to see…

Hopefully because of the bullying, ‘stumble-bum’ way that Don Brash has gone about this ham-fisted National Party attempted ‘takeover’ of ACT – he will have put off a LOT of decent, thinking Kiwis who believe in a ‘fair go’.

I encourage as many as possible of these decent, thinking Kiwis, who support public monies being used for social, not corporate welfare, and support public ownership operation and control of OUR public assets and resources – to make a stand in support of these principles, outside Britomart Sunday 1 May at 2pm.

If you care – be there!


Penny Bright
Judicially recognised ‘Public Watchdog’ on Metrowater, water and
Auckland regional governance matters.
‘World Water Warrior’ – NZ attendee at World Water Forum Kyoto 2003.

Auckland Mayoral candidate 2010.
Botany by-election candidate 2011

‘Anti-corruption campaigner’
Attendee: Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference (Brisbane) 2009
Attendee: Transparency International 14th Anti-Corruption Conference
(Bangkok) 2010

Ph (09) 846 9825
021 211 4 127


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