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27 April 2011

Always good to read material from source folks!

Penny Bright


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An interesting e-mail

From time to time, we are surprised with what finds its way into our e-mail inbox. This morning was one of those times. When we turned our computer on and checked our e-mail, we’d been sent a copy of the e-mail that Rodney Hide has apparently sent out to all Act members.

Quite why this was sent to us we’re not sure. We’re not members of ANY political party. At times we’ve been critical of Act and Rodney Hide, especially given the trials and tribulations both have faced in this parliamentary term. We were also critical of Heather Roy when she and her advisor Simon Ewing-Jarvie leaked a dossier of Hide’s alleged failings last year in an attempt to undermine Hide’s leadership. Lastly, we made the comment yesterday that Brash’s challenge for the Act leadership when he’s not even a party member was extraordinary. We guess we’re relatively neutral, bordering on apathetic when it comes to Act’s internal wranglings.

Whilst we remain neutral, and are highly unlikely to give either of our ticks to Act regardless of who leads the party out of this chaotic situation, we believe that we should reproduce this e-mail fully, unedited and without additional commentary. We’ve consulted our source, who has endorsed our appraoch, so here is what Rodney Hide had to say to his troops:

On Good Friday, Don Brash informed the President that he had told the Dominion Post he would only be interested in working with ACT as the leader of the party. This has resulted in an unprecedented leadership challenge by a person who is not a member of the party.

Let me give you the background.

I have always encouraged Don to join ACT, even before he joined and stood for National in 2002, and again when he lost the leadership of National to John Key in 2006.

Now in 2011, I have been working proactively with the President and Board to identify strong candidates who will build strength into the future of the ACT Party. This included engaging with Don Brash, and a number of others, to gauge their interest in joining the ACT Party Candidate register.

Don and I had a series of meetings during which time a number of ideas were floated on how the party could best leverage Don’s strengths. Don’s initial position was that he would join only as leader, with John Banks as ACT’s candidate in Epsom. I suggested John Banks was not an ACT person but that clearly Don was.

I discussed Don’s proposal with the President, Vice President and Deputy Leader. We were agreed that the first step for Don was to join the party.

I met with Don, asking him to join and said I would pay his membership fee! He refused. We reviewed various options on how we could work together in a collaborative way to build a strong party for the future.

Don then wrote me a letter setting out his decision to turn down the opportunity. The letter alarmed me because I thought it was a letter designed to be leaked, as it was especially one-sided. I shared the letter with the President, Vice President and Deputy Leader.

That was where matters stood.

I was as surprised as anyone with Don announcing over Easter he wanted to publicly contest the leadership of the ACT Party while still a member of the National Party.

Don has publicly stated that he will only become a member of ACT if he is leader. In today’s media Don has made his interests very clear.

It seems to me that Don has put ACT into a difficult position because he can’t become leader unless he is a member. The leadership of ACT is determined by the caucus and ratified by the Board.

My position is that I serve as Leader of the ACT Party on behalf of the membership until the caucus and the board determine otherwise.

And so, the President and I, along with the Board and the caucus, continue to seek out good candidates for ACT who will build a strong party into the future. Leadership succession is an essential consideration, just as it is in any organization. Equally we wish to provide ACT members with a team that will deliver on our ideals and principles, who will ensure that New Zealand becomes a prosperous economy where individuals are empowered to succeed.

I do not intend on putting my head in the sand over this challenge, but at the same time there is important work to be done that builds on the foundations the Board has been laying over the last few months.

I look forward to talking with you personally as I continue the excellent visits around the country such as I enjoyed last week in the Waikato.

Best regards
Rodney Hide

Done! Judge this for yourselves …


Jacqueline said…
I think i have missed something. Or something has gone completely over my head – this happens from time to time – i am five foot nothing after all ;)Isn’t that pretty much just outlining what has already been said in the news?
April 27, 2011 9:23 AM
gravedodger said…
This mess has all the hallmarks of the biggest cluster F**k of conservative politics for so long in my memory.
A bunch of egos behaving as if the rules do not apply to them and is a sign of diminishing grasp of reality for Don Brash, a man I have had enormous regard for as a person with a vision of what we as a nation need to follow if we wish to rejoin the real world of growth based economic outcomes.
all I see here is around 7 / 8 % of the right of center MMP vote on November 26th being consigned to the trash bin where I would hope that number of financial dwarfs votes of the socialists should go.
These egos are committing political “jonestown” and are traitors to the nation, the socialists will be wetting themselves. A clear case of the lack of judgement of reality that so many “educated” people have of the real world as Darwin found out so long ago.
Dr Don Brash for the weekly Darwin award by a clear margin.
One word to sum it all up, DEVASTATION.
April 27, 2011 9:39 AM
big news said…
Brash didn’t “lose” the leadership to John Key.He resigned.
April 27, 2011 10:10 AM
showmethetaxcut said…
Regardless of whether Don Brash’s tactics are right, he is right about one thing – Rodney Hide is toxic. He needs to suck it up and step aside. I gave my party vote to ACT last election. Not this time. Not if Hide is the leader. National will need every party vote it can get to keep Labour away from the treasury benches.
April 27, 2011 10:29 AM
Inventory2 said…
I have some sympathy for that view smtc, but I don’t know that I would go as far as “toxic”. I’m no particular fan of Hide, but he has been at the centre of a number of gaffes this term. Whether or not the condemnation has been deserved is open to debate, but the perception is that Hide is a hypocrite, and in politics, perception is everything.David Garret has set it out well over at WO’s:

I did believe however that Hide’s e-mail as reproduced was temperate compared to much of what has been written about this tawdry business, and it deserved to be aired.

April 27, 2011 10:36 AM
Tinman said…
There is a perception out there that Brash rescued National.Brash took National towards where National voters would like it to be (and where, except under the Richardson influence it hadn’t been since the ’60s) and good on him for that.Brash had National ahead of Labour in all the polls except the one that counted.

He then lost the unlosable election (2005) by his political incompetence subjecting NZ to three more years of pain and suffering which we pay for to this day – and will for years to come.

Notably it was only the advent of Key and his positioning of National where non-committed voters found it attractive that rolled the great Satan.

The latest move demonstrates Brash has learned nothing of politics, nothing about how to get elected.

I dislike Hide but will more likely than not vote for ACT should he continue to “lead”.

I won’t should Brash become part of that party!

April 27, 2011 10:37 AM

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