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Press Release: Rt Hon Winston Peters ‘Brash Move on ACT a Jackup – Peters’

27 April 2011

I agree with Winston Peter’s analysis 100%.

National KNOW they will not get the numbers to govern alone (Botany by-election results, in my considered opinion, helped to confirm that asset sales are NOT popular with the NZ voting public, including (former?) National Party supporters).

They need coalition allies – they believe that ACT in it’s current form cannot retain Epsom with Rodney Hide as Leader, nor make the 5%  party vote threshold.

So – in the true form of corporate ‘democracy’ – according to the ‘golden rule’ – ie: ‘those who have the gold make the rules’ – Brash ‘I’ve got the ca$h’ – without even being a member of the ACT Party – is saying ‘pick me – pick me as Leader – or I’ll start a new party’.

Whose ‘gold’ is behind this National Party takeover of ACT?

(Not that there is much difference between National and ACT when both their personnel and policies are effectively so interchangeable? )

All tends to prove my view that under  NZ ‘democracy’ we get the government that the majority of big business want us to have, through corporate media manipulation(and anonymous  political donations)?

Penny Bright

Brash Move on ACT a Jackup – Peters

Tuesday, 26 April 2011, 12:50 pm
Press Release: Rt Hon Winston Peters

Rt. Hon Winston Peters

Leader NZ First
April 26th 2011
Brash Move on ACT a Jackup – Peters

New Zealand First says it is obvious that Don Brash’s move to take over the ACT party is a sneaky plan by National and ACT interests to form a new government that will asset strip the country, keep wages low and attack superannuation.

Rt. Hon Winston Peters pointed out today that the only reason for reviving a political corpse like ACT would be for National to use it as an expendable backstop for passing unpalatable social and economic legislation after the next election.

“The moves being made by former National leader Don Brash are about as subtle as a kango hammer on a piece of old concrete. Mr Hide is unelectable so National has put up its own man for Epsom, but under the ACT party flag”.

“When the takeover happens, ACT under Mr Brash will target topics such as racial issues where National does not go because of its deal with the Maori Party. We believe the “Kiwi not Iwi” billboards will be dusted off – as well as other inflammatory propaganda.”

Mr Peters said however, the most scary issue would be the harsh policies of the joint leadership of New Zealand by John Key and Don Brash.

“The economic revolution of Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson would be revived with publicly owned assets flogged off and a complete takeover by foreign interests.

“As well, wages and conditions for workers would be slashed further and a full scale assault would be started on the welfare system and superannuation. There would be an exodus of Kiwis to Australia if they could afford the airfare.

“You only have to look at the interests standing behind Don Brash and their enormous financial resources to see what is going on,” said Mr Peters.


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