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Jane Burgermeister Report: ‘Almost every second doctor in Germany belonged to Nazi Party, killed 100s of 1000s of Germans, says study’

10 April 2011

Almost every second doctor in Germany belonged to Nazi Party, killed 100s of 1000s of Germans, says study


45% of doctors in Germany belonged to Nazi Party, says study

– Doctors were involved in the murder of 300,000 Germans in hospitals and psychiatric institutions and in a programme of  forced sterilisation of 400,000 people from 1934 onwards

– Germany’s Robert Koch Institute, which promoted the swine flu jab, played a key role in Nazi medical crimes

Almost every second doctor in Germany – or 45% — belonged to the Nazi Party, according to a new study commissioned by German Chamber of Doctors.

Doctors were involved in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Germans as part of Nazi government programmes.

300,000 Germans were murdered in  pyschiatric institutions and hospitals alone.

Another 400,000 people were sterilised by force from 1934 onwards by doctors working for government health offices such as in Jever, Friesland.

In addition, doctors conducted experiments against concentration camp inmates, infecting them with various diseases.

At the end of the second world war only a tiny fraction of the doctors who actively participated in euthanasia, human experiments and eugenics and the murder of concentration camp victims by medical means were put on trial on the Nuremberg Doctor’s Trial in 1946.

The Robert Koch Institute, founded in 1891 and with strong links to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, played a central role in the Nazi medical crimes, but continues to be the central federal institution responsible for disease control and prevention.

The Robert Koch Institute hyped the mild swine flu virus into a pandemic and recommended swine flu jabs when there was verifiable evidence that it would cause damage.

The swine flu jab in Germany contained an adjuvant, squalene, banned in the US and UK because and known to cause damage in vets.

No one in the medical field can be surprised by the reports that the adjuvant squalene is causing narcolepsy in Sweden, Finland and Ireland – cases that are just the tip of the ice berg as the damage becomes apparant over time and there is hardly an adequate pharmacovigilance system in place.

There is no question that there are many doctors who are genuinely committed to human rights and healing in Germany and Austria.

But anyone who has worked, as I have, for a medical journal here in Vienna and had regular interaction with top Austrian doctors as part of my jobs knows just how acceptable openly discussing eugenics is today.

Unlike in the UK, doctors who apply to medical school in Germany and Austria do not have to undergo any interview testing their character and morals.

This is one small change that could be made to identify the Josef Mengele’s of today on time and protect people from their eugenic schemes.

The new study underlines the extent to which the medical profession in Germany and Austria took on the perverse role of killing 100s of thousands of their own people under one pretext or another during the Nazi era, but it is important to see the continuity not just in some of the institutions but also in their aims and means.


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