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Organising meeting for march/rally on 1 May 2011 FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE against ‘anti-social’ policies of this National-led Government.

4 May 2011
Hi folks!
Unfortunately, the next  organising meeting for this May 1 march/rally clashes with Murray Horton’s (CAFCA) speaking tour:
I’ve already committed to going to hear Murray, but will help to advertise the upcoming May 1 event.

Tuesday, April 5, 7pm, AUT WT1004, AUT Tower Building, Rutland Street entrance. Room is next door to Pacific Media Centre; take lift to 10th floor
The November 26 election is one of the most important in decades. Both major parties are committed to policies by which the New Zealand economy is even more dominated by transnational corporations; more and more of our farmland is owned by foreigners; publicly-owned assets are privatised; and the country is locked ever more tightly into disadvantageous “free” trade and foreign investment agreements, of which the biggest one being negotiated, in secret, is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement – this is the means to effect a free trade agreement with the US. There are some differences between National and Labour on these issues, but they are only ones of degree, not principle. A change in government will not, in itself, be enough to change the disastrous course on which this country is set, one of domination by global Big Business and the US. This country needs People Power to let the world know that New Zealand is not for sale!

Murray Horton, spokesperson of the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA), will speak on: • The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the dangers it poses to the NZ economy and to our very democracy. • Privatisation of our public assets. • The relentless takeover of NZ businesses and land by transnational corporations. • The re-absorption of NZ into the US Empire. •And, most, importantly, how the New Zealand people can fight back; it’s too important to be left up to the politicians. Local Contact Lynda Boyd 0274 797789; lyndab


Anyone who was not  intending to hear Murray Horton, and is keen to get active in opposing privatisation/asset sales  – the anti-social policies of this John Key-led National Government,  I strongly recommend you come to this organising meeting, if you can.
Dear Church organisations, unions and community groups,
(Please distribute as widely as possible)

A successful meeting (29th March) of a broad spectrum of groups and unions occurred to organise a mobilisation on May 1st against the anti social policies of the National led Govt.
The 90 day bill came into law last Fri ,just one example.
We encourage more representatives/individuals to attend the next meeting at the Methodist Church, Pitt St, corner of Karangahape rd at 7pm, this Tuesday 5th April. We need help and input.
The last meeting resolved to organise a march/rally on May 1st, building to another event shortly after the forthcoming budget (19th May).
This is a rallying call to all who believe that the National lead coalition is not working in the interests of ordinary New Zealanders. Please make the effort to attend. See the updated press statement below.
Meredydd Barrar (CAP)
MARCH FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE (May 1st). John Key is not working for New Zealand.
A new Coalition of community groups, people from religious organisations and unions has been formed.
Our slogan is Social Justice (meeting occurred on the 29th March 2011).
Our aim is to challenge the policies of John Key and his National led coalition.
We believe they are not serving the interests of the majority of New Zealanders.
We are organising a MOBILISATION of ordinary Kiwis on SUNDAY 1ST MAY.

Also more action when National announces the BUDGET on 19th May 2011.
Throughout the world ordinary people are challenging the Free Market prescription from government cuts to privatisation/asset sales.
New Zealanders are angry about GST, milk prices and secret Trade deals.. Cuts to Early Childhood education,social welfare reform,  privatisation of electricity and other public services .
Meredydd Barrar, spokesperson says, “Enough is enough. Recent government announcements about cuts and a Budget that will certainly condemn the majority of New Zealanders to relative poverty is not acceptable.
Children and struggling families as well as students looking to further their higher education will be penalised”.
“There is a latent anger in New Zealand at the moment. We aim to translate it into action.
Nationals policies of cut backs and austerity measures will increase the gap between rich and poor which is already the 6th highest in the OECD.
We believe this is unacceptable and uncivilised”.
‘New Zealanders deserve better than an economic philosophy that only seems to make bankers, corporate and speculators richer’.
Meredydd Barrar

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