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Health Freedom NZ ACTION ALERT! GE ingredients in food/GE crops/GE experimentation on the rise in ‘clean, green’ NZ!

1 Health Freedom NZ Newsletter Action Alert 

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Hi ,

This is an Information and Action Alert

The infiltration of GE ingredients in our food, GE experimentation and the release of GE crops into our environment, have made great strides in past months. HFNZ has always seen GE bio tech as a great threat to Health Freedom and has been under resourced to do anything.

Rather than having our own GE spokesman or woman, we have recently teamed up with GE Free New Zealand to support them in their campaigns and help raise awareness.

We see GE, GMOs and GE technology being used in our food chain as a threat to Health Freedom because:

1.    There is no testing of GE food by the food safety authorities, and independent feeding trials show impacts on organ health, reproductive rates and survival of offspring. Studies have shown cows and rats die after consuming GE soy and corn.

2.    Scientific experiments and overseas experiences show the harmful effects of GE crops released into the atmosphere, with superweeds, resistance in pests, an increased need to use toxic sprays on GE crops and cross pollination pollution of non GE and organic crops.

3.    GE companies can and do prosecute farmers whose crops have been found to contain the patented GE material in their crops. Some have had their entire yields and sometimes their farms confiscated through this form of bio-colonialism.

Currently there are a suspected 40 GE ingredients that have been approved to enter New Zealand food supply; Fonterra is under scrutiny over potential feeding of GM crops to dairy cows. GM [Genetically Modified/ GE Genetically Engineered] contamination is also likely from approval for GE pine trees to be grown outdoors;

There is inadequate legal requirement for safety testing of GE foods, to require food manufacturers to tell consumers if their food has been made using GE/GM organisms, and for public health monitoring of the harm that they can cause.

You are the custodian of your body and health we think you have a right to know what you are eating. We will be posting information on our website and Facebook page in due course.


Write, email or call Fonterra’s CEO, Andrew Ferrier and ask him to

(1) Make a genuine commitment to a GM-free policy considering they say they are committed to sustainability they should already have one;

(2) Keep GE feed out of their farms;

(3) Take action to stop GE contaminating any alfalfa they use as feed, as the US has recently approved GE alfalfa.

(4) Remind him to stop using palm kernel , a by-product of forest-destruction and is not congruent with their sustainability policy.

Private Bag 92032,
New Zealand
+64 9 374 9000

Join the GE Free Shoppers NZ Campaign on Facebook:!/pages/GE-Free-Shoppers-NZ/205314966146372

Write on Fonterra’s Facebook Wall your concern that their products may contain GE contamination. Request they make a commitment to a GM and GE free policy or you will ceise buying their “Products for Life”.!/pages/Fontera/109849645704511

Also the Group!/pages/Fonterra-Brands/161596240541568


Visit the True Food Guide and get educated as to what GE foods are in our supermarkets. This is an Australian organisation which is just as relevant for New Zealand since our Food Safety Regulator is Trans-Tasman.

The American one for American imported goods is:

Visit and watch this video from the Institute  For Responsible Technology:

Help promote the “Rally for the Right to Know” on Washington DC March 26th

The spread of GE crops, feed, ingredients and technology is largely an activity spawned by Big Farmer in America with Monsanto at the head of the game. Since what American food corporates do, greatly effects our food chain here in New Zealand, we believe supporting American efforts to stop Monsanto is well worth the effort.

Genetically modified foods…….. Are they safe? The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) doesn’t think so. The AAEM asked physicians to advise patients to avoid GM foods. Find out more

You can help by emailing everyone the details of the Rally found at!/rallyfortherighttoknow2011?sk=info

and promoting that Facebook page with your Facebook friends, on your blogs, websites etc.

Thank you

The Team at HFNZ & GE Free NZ


March 18, 2011 - Posted by | Anti-GE, Human rights


  1. Hi Penny
    We are yet another group trying to fight this GM problem … we are about to launch a web site ( already have a facebook page) and l was thinking that we could copy alot of what you just wrote as part of this web site … you gave permission that you want it to go viral so l’m guessing that this would be ok by you? of course it would have to be changed a bit for australia or for the world …. is this OK
    Now the aim of our website/facebook page is to not educate the masses there are already enough groups trying to do this in many countries , what we would like to do is get them to unite and work as one! So as part of this there is already a walk in the USA from NYC to Washington DC in OCT finishing on world food day and what we are proposing is that we get a world wide rally happening on the 16th of Oct … and we need help getting groups all over the place to commit to this …. so heres where you come in … I am sure that you can help get the message out in NZ . Oh we also have a generic petition coming on the web site so people can down load and share … if you want to chat contact us and we can talk ( Kris) …

    Comment by Australia wants GM FREE FOOD | April 1, 2011 | Reply

  2. Rally being organised here across the Tasman in Oz to demand proper GM labelling and a fairer go for non GM farmers. Rally will be held on World Food Day, 16th October, nationwide in every state. We invite groups in New Zealand to organise a ‘New Zealand Wants GM Free Food’ rally for the same day. USA are having theirs on the 16th, Australia is, and it would really help make a statement if New Zealand joined in. So come on guys, we all want the same thing! Check out our website

    Cheers, Judy

    Comment by Judy | April 11, 2011 | Reply

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