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Scary commentary on the callibre of (some) student lawyers? – you be the Judge!

publicwatchdog (45) Says:
March 4th, 2011 at 12:20 pm

FYI Penny Bright, you’re a bit of a joke…

In fact you’re such a nuisance that when I was at law school we used your CoA case re: your removal from the Auckland City Council as a test case for advocacy which draws out many laughs at your stupidity. “Dick”

Even the international level law kids who are masters at advocacy can’t find a leg to stand on to appeal your case! Then we all go to the pub and talk about how we would hate to have to have a client like you.

Thought you ought to know….



Is that right ‘Captain Neurotic’?

It’s all good – I defend myself in Court – so haven’t needed lawyers to do that for me.

(I would be most unlikely to engage the services of arrogant incompetents, such as those with whom you appear to associate? :)

For the record – I was arrested 22 times defending the public’s right to ‘open, transparent and democratically accountable’ local government, defended myself in Court, without having ever been to University or had a days formal legal training – yet it is 21 – 1 to me.

‘Public Watchdog’ Penny Bright takes on both City Hall and the Police and wins 21 -1?

That’s a track record I respectfully suggest a number of professional lawyers would rather like to have.

(I say that – because that’s what some of them – who are not mere law STUDENTS – but professional trained and practiced lawyers, have said to me – including some notable QCs.

Just thought you ought to know … :)

err…. so – who was the ‘stupid’ one?

‘Sensible sentencing’?

How about ‘sensible arresting’?

Did the Police arrest the wrong person?
From the past – ex-Mayor Dick Hubbard having Penny Bright arrested on International World Water Day

22 March 2007:

FYI – the Police ended up dropping this charge, as they did a number of others.

The Court of Appeal case to which you refer, now subject to a United Nations complaint, given that I have exhausted legal channels in NZ.

You will note that I am quite ‘even-handed’ in my defence of basic democratic and human rights?

I have taken my convictions to the point of conviction under so-called ‘centre-left’ and ‘centre-right’ Auckland City Councils.

Ever made such a stand on principle yourself ‘Captain Neurotic’?

Defended the public interest to the point of arrest?

I keenly await your response – but won’t ‘hold my breath’.

Penny Bright
Future MP for Botany? :)

March 3, 2011 - Posted by | Botany By-election 2011, Human rights


  1. The less lawyers and accountants the better. They don’t produce anything but a spiders web to tangle yourself up in. They are so caught up in their own web that they can’t see the world around them. The law is a joke not you Penny. The law tries to impose commercial laws onto human beings by deception. Woe unto you lawyers as Jesus once said. You are a bunch of parasites that make money when people are not sophisticated enough to solve their own conflicts. I would never use a lawyer and deem myself a ward of the court (infant). You lawyers don’t even know why the court has a dock. I asked lawyers at the Taranaki Law Society and they could not answer me. Also i have a folder as thick as a door step showing the corruption of the Taranaki Law Society and various lawyers in this city. A den of vipers you are, but it is the system you uphold that is worse.

    Comment by Justin | March 5, 2011 | Reply

    • Hi Justin,

      You are right on the money Cobber. For some strange reason I got myself a B.Com and spent many years selling my soul to the devil… I had to leave in the end as I had this uncontrollable urge to walk up to the roof of our six story tower in Newmarket and jump off… she was a boulevard of broken dreams…

      I have rebuilt my life and my spirit and I am now going hard out fighting the Battle to save Gaia and all who sail in her… it is a race against time so I better go now and get on with it…

      Comment by Paul Hickman | March 5, 2011 | Reply

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