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CORRUPTION IN THE NZ ‘JUSTICE’ SYSTEM? Is John Key’s Merrill Lynch past ‘shonky’?PUBLIC MEETING: Sunday 27 February 2011, 3 – 5pm





Sunday 27 February 2011,

3 – 5pm
Somerville Intermediate School,

39 Somerville Rd, Somerville.


How ‘transparent’ are our NZ Courts?

1. Does NZ have a legally-enforcable ‘Code of Conduct’ for members of the NZ Judiciary? ………………………………………………     NO

2. Are all NZ Court proceedings recorded, and audio records made available to parties who request them? ……………………..       NO

3. Is there a lawful requirement for a publicly-available NZ Judicial ‘Register of Interests’? …………………………………………….      NO



Penny Bright: “Anti-corruption campaigner”

What changes need to happen for genuine transparency

in NZ’s judicial system?

Vince Siemer: ‘Judicial’ Public Watchdog.

Jailed three times in NZ – although he has never broken any law.

His story – will SHOCK you!

Evelian Gilbert: Merrill Lynch/John Key researcher.

‘What was John Key’s true background in Merrill Lynch’?

Have the public been told the truth about John Key’s past?


You Tube clips:


1) Is John Key personally profiting from NZ’s growing indebtedness?:


2) Details of Penny Bright’s private prosecution against John Key over Tranz Rail before the 2008 election:


3) ‘Sensible sentencing’?

How about ‘sensible arresting’?

Did the Police arrest the wrong person?

From the past – ex-Mayor Dick Hubbard having Penny Bright arrested on International World Water Day

22 March 2007:


Authorised by Penny Bright 86A School Rd Kingsland


February 26, 2011 - Posted by | Botany By-election 2011, Fighting corruption in NZ

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  1. John Key and Don Brash’s connection goes back to the late 1980’s and has been published as such. Don Brash being the governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and John Key an executive of the Crown corporation “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand”.

    The all under one law they talk about is not “common law” upon which NZ was founded. Rather it’s class based enslavement and broad spectrum exploitation for their enjoyment.

    For those that have eyes to see

    Comment by Simon Kaiwai | May 1, 2011 | Reply

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