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John Key drops 8 points as leader in the TVNZ poll but National is ‘unscathed’ over proposed asset sales? yeah right

“TVNZ-Colmar Brunton and 3News polls last night showed National was unscathed despite its proposal to partially sell state-owned assets.”

“Prime Minister John Key was still first choice for prime minister in both political polls, despite taking an 8-point hit in the TVNZ poll to 48 percent.”

Hmmmm………… Prime Minister John Key takes an ‘8-point hit in the TVNZ poll’….. doesn’t quite sound like National was ‘unscathed’ over its ‘proposal to partially sell state-owned assets’?

I notice that the John Key /National Government PR spin machine has gone into turbo-drive.

The majority of New Zealanders have not had a collective frontal lobotomy, and do remember that what is good for big business is usually not good for most of us, and HATE the ‘P’ word – “PRIVATISATION”.

So – John Key has moved away from mentioning the word ‘privatisation’ (partial or otherwise) and the term now referred to is ‘mixed ownership’…..

Good try – but sorry John – it won’t work.

It is my prediction that the John Key ‘ordinary bloke’ honeymoon is well and truly over.

As John Key’s ‘true blue’ corporate raider colours increasingly show through his carefully spin-doctored packaging – his (and National’s) slide in the polls will continue.

Hopefully dramatically.

The most ‘dramatic’ poll result would be if I were to be elected as the new MP for Botany on my clear anti-privatisation /anti-corruption ‘Public Watchdog’ platform.

Penny Bright
Future MP for Botany?

Penny Bright | Monday, February 21, 2011 – 11:22am

February 20, 2011 - Posted by | Botany By-election 2011, Fighting corruption in NZ, Fighting water privatisation in NZ

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