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Why isn’t the Office of the Auditor-General investigating the use of Pansy Wong’s electorate office address for SHIPLEY & WONG LTD?

19 February 2011

Press Release: Penny Bright Independent candidate Botany by-election:

‘Politically explosive’ Public Meeting on central government corruption and privatisation’ Sunday 20 February 3-5pm Tangaroa College

Latest developments in the Pansy Wong scandal:

“The Communications Advisor for the Office of the Auditor-General confirmed yesterday that it had not yet decided  whether or not to investigate the use of Pansy Wong’s electorate office address as the business address of Shipley & Wong Ltd,” says ‘Anti-Corruption campaigner’, Penny Bright, Independent candidate in the Botany by-election.

“Has the current National Government Prime Minister John Key, been responsible for helping to cover-up arguably corrupt conduct which involves former National Party Prime Minister Jenny Shipley, who is a 50% shareholder in Shipley and Wong Ltd?”

(SHIPLEY & WONG – Companies Office Number: 1245430)

“Does Prime Minister John Key know of and approve of the registered company address of SHIPLEY & WONG LTD, changing to 735 Chapel Rd, Botany, on 11 June 2010, at a time that former National Party Prime Minister Jenny Shipley was a 50% shareholder, and her husband Burton Ross Shipley was a Director – along with Sammy Wong, Pansy Wong’s husband?

735 Chapel Rd Botany, being the address, at that time,  of Pansy Wong’s electorate office?”

“How is it that neither then current National Party MP (Pansy Wong) , or her husband; or a former National Party Prime Minister (Jenny Shipley) , or her husband, knew that this was wrong, and effectively constituted ‘misuse of public office for private gain’?  How ‘dodgy’ is that?”

“Why don’t New Zealand MPs have a ‘Code of Conduct’ with sanctions for breaches thereof?”

“Why isn’t the Office of the Auditor-General investigating? What’s the hold-up?”

“Why isn’t the Office of the Auditor-General proposing a ‘Code of Conduct for MPs as part of  the ‘systems solution’ for this problem?”

“Isn’t it time NZ had an ‘Independent Commission Against Corruption’ to help set up systems to enable genuine transparency and prevent corruption?”,

Ms Bright concludes.




PUBLIC MEETING: Sunday 20 February 2011, 3 – 5pm
Tangaroa College, Haumia Way, Flat Bush.


–          More on the Pansy Wong ‘conflict of interest’.

–          To whom exactly is NZ in debt?

–          Where EXACTLY are our taxes being spent?

–          Who will benefit from future privatisation?

–          SPEAKERS:

–          Penny Bright: “Anti-corruption campaigner”

–          Nicola Grace: “Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition”

NZ’s ‘Health’ system – based on ‘wellness’ or ‘sickness’?



PUBLIC MEETING: Sunday 27 February 2011, 3 – 5pm
Somerville Intermediate School,

39 Somerville Rd, Somerville.


–          How ‘transparent’ are our NZ Courts?


–          How did over 60 finance companies collapse

in NZ – ‘the least corrupt country in the world’?


–          Penny Bright: “Anti-corruption campaigner”

–          Vince Siemer: ‘Judicial’ Public Watchdog.

–          Suzanne Edmonds: ‘Exposing Unacceptable

Financial Activities’ (EUFA) Spokesperson.

–          Evelian Gilbert: Merrill Lynch/John Key researcher.

Penny Bright
Media Spokesperson
Water Pressure Group
Judicially recognised Public Watchdog on Metrowater, water and Auckland regional governance matters.
“Anti-corruption campaigner”.

Attendee: Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference 2009
Attendee: Transparency International’s 14th Anti-Corruption Conference 2010
Auckland Mayoral Candidate 2010.

Independent Candidate Botany by-election 2011.

Ph (09) 846 9825
021 211 4 127


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