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NB: Kiwiblog! Unlike John Key – Winston Peters was never accused of feathering his own nest!

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Radio NZ reports:

Phil Goff says no one in caucus asked him to rule out working with the New Zealand First leader Winston Peters, should he be returned to Parliament.

Not even one Labour MP had the courage to say they had got it wrong in 2008, when they voted against the Privileges Committee report. Labour’s position continues to be that the following sequence of events is a coincidence:

  1. Phone call between Owen Glenn and Winston Peters from 1.26 pm to 1.32 pm
  2. A couple of minutes later Peters phones Brian Henry
  3. At 1.40 pm Brian Henry e-mails Owen Glenn with his bank account number stating “further to your discussion with my client at 1.30 NZ time I provide my bank details”

This is a level of proof that Peters knew of the donation that would meet beyond reasonable doubt in a murder trial. Yet Labour continue to embrace Peters ridiculous denials that he did not know anything at all about the donation. They are unconcerned he lied to their own Prime Minister, to Parliament, to the Privileges Committee, to the media and to the public – dozens and dozens of times.

Labour’s unanimious embracing of Peters also means that they have absolutely no concerns about large undisclosed donations from companies or individuals whom benefit from policies that Winston forced Labour into agreeing to, in Government. So their credibility on electoral finance issues remains zero.



  1. publicwatchdog (41) Says:
    February 16th, 2011 at 6:12 pm You were part of a VERY effective media campaign to discredit Winston Peters and NZ First, before the 2008 election. 

    Particularly through the NZ Herald, which day after day had ‘MAN ON THE MOON headlines’ – slinging political mud at Winston Peters so NZ First wouldn’t make the 5% party vote thresh hold.

    However – none of the ‘mud’ accused Winston Peters of attempting to feather his own nest.

    Unlike my complaints about John Key over Tranz Rail.

    The basis of my complaints to the Police and SFO against John Key were over his attempts to flush out commercially sensitive information about Tranz Rail from Cullen through an OIA, during a time it was an ‘item of business’ before the House, at a time John Key had an undisclosed ‘pecuniary interest’.

    After the Police and SFO did nothing – I filed a private prosecution against John Key under s 228 of the Crimes Act.

    Not ONE sentence of any of the above made its way into ANY pages of the NZ Herald.

    I know this because I and another spent some hours at the Auckland Public Library – filming EVERY article about Winston Peters and NZ First, and looking in vain, for the slightest skerrick of information about my above complaints about John Key.

    There was NONE.

    For more information – check out this You Tube clip:

    Penny Bright
    “Anti-corruption campaigner”
    Future MP for Botany? :)

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