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First Botany by-election ‘Candidates Forum’ – TONIGHT Tuesday 15 February 2011: 7.30pm East City Wesleyan Church Centre, 219 Burswood Drive,Burswood / Botany

15 February 2011


The first Botany By-election ‘Candidates Forum’!

First Botany by-election ‘Candidates Forum’ –

TONIGHT Tuesday 15 February 2011: 7.30pm

East City Wesleyan Church Centre, 219 Burswood Drive,



“With the Times newspapers giving support to the Trust, another “Meet the Candidates” forum is now planned for the 2011 Botany By-Election.

Details are:

Time: 7. 30 pm Tuesday 15 February

Venue: East City Wesleyan Church Centre, 219 Burswood Drive, Burswood/Botany

Host : Rev Dr Richard Waugh

Chair/Facilitator: Lloyd Wong (Local resident)”

Following on from our recent email with the Candidate’s Forum run sheet, these set questions will be posed to each candidate (on overhead display) to address in rotation – one minute answers : 


1. The successful by-election candidate will become the electorate MP from March to November 2011 – what does he or she hope to achieve in that short 8 month period?

2. How will you represent the interests of the 49% of people born overseas in the Botany Electorate, which is the highest for any electorate in NZ?

3. What are the candidates’ stand on law and order? How will that impact on Botany electorate?

4. State asset sales – do you agree or disagree and why?

5.  Auckland has a major shortage of affordable housing, reducing home ownership rates and an ever-lengthening waiting list for State Houses. It has been said that if Auckland doesn’t get its housing right, Auckland won’t work. If that is so, what are you going to do to address the problem?

6. Is access to our beaches going to remain free? If so, how will this be guaranteed? If not what will you do?

3. ______________________________________________________________________________________

In terms of the forum programme – I confirm I will ask each of you (x5 candidates) to answer questions in rotation, as follows:

  • who you are + why we should vote for you? (4 minutes in total for both questions)
  • each of the above 6 set questions ( 1 minute answers )
  • questions from the floor as time permits ( 1 minute answers )
  • ________________________________________________________________________
Appended below is the run sheet for the Botany By Election evening, which sets out the proposed format + questioning framework for the Candidates Fourm. We suggest you review the arrangements, happy to answer any queries as best as we can.
We have done some screening  +  decided to invite only 5 main candidates, thereby eliminating the fringe parties and some unknown and out-of-electorate inpendents. Hopefully the reduced format will contribute to a superior forum!  Candidates attending are :
  • Jami-Lee Ross, National
  • Michael Woods, Labour
  • Paul Young, New Citizen Party
  • Lyn Murphy, ACT
  • Penny Bright, Independent

In answer to specific queries we have received on the evening, we advise:

1. Sound – there will a single lectern + microphone for the shared use of the candidates.
2. Media – Howick & Pakuranga Times and Radio NZ are confirmed attendees.  NZ Herald have not responded.
3. Questions – hopefully we will have some Howick & Pakuranga Times readers’ questions to share with you on Monday evening.  The forum will provide good media coverage for you to springboard your campaigns.
4. Proceedings – past forums at this dignified church venue have been civilised aand good natured in the past.  We trust that this decorum will continue.  To this end we will set out the ground round rules for the audience. Disruption from protesters will not be permitted. We have 12+ volunteers on the night, so we do not expect to have any unmanageable issues of trouble or security.  However your assistance in controlling your supporter base is apprecaited. Heckling to be kept to a minimum.
5. Designated tables for each candidate – please have any placards kept to the foyer, by your candidate tables.” 


Lloyd Wong
Facilitator for Botany By Elections Candidates Forum

LifeGrowth Community Trust
DDI:   09 985 5362  09 985 5362    09 985 5362  09 985 5362     Mob: 0279 9855362


Information forwarded FYI.

Penny Bright
Media Spokesperson
Water Pressure Group
Judicially recognised Public Watchdog on Metrowater, water and Auckland regional governance matters.
“Anti-corruption campaigner”. 

Attendee: Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference 2009
Attendee: Transparency International’s 14th Anti-Corruption Conference 2010
Auckland Mayoral Candidate 2010.

Independent Candidate Botany by-election 2011. 

Ph (09) 846 9825
021 211 4 127


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