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Public Watchdog Penny Bright kicks over a hornets’ nest on Kiwiblog!

publicwatchdog (28) Says:
February 13th, 2011 at 11:13 pm

So – who else is asking Prime Minister John Key the questions that I am?

Like – “Is John Key personally benefiting from NZ’s growing indebtedness?”

(Given John Key’s admitted shareholding in the Bank of America?)

Anyone else ever made complaints to the Police or SFO about John Key over TranzRail?

Anyone else ever taken a private prosecution against John Key under s228 of the Crimes Act?

Not one sentence in the Herald over any of the above – but there were ‘man on the moon headlines’ against Winston Peters and NZ First – although he was never accused of ‘feathering his own nest’?

(Which arguably John Key was, over TranzRail when he attempted to flush out commercially sensitive information while he had an undisclosed pecuniary interest?)

The last person the smiling ‘corporate raider’ wants as an Independent Public Watchdog from INSIDE the House is Penny Bright.


There we go!

Looking forward to jamming all those anonymous, ‘ad hominum froth’ buttons on full!

Come on – ‘fill your boots’!

The nastier and more venomous the better – proves that I’m on target.

Kind regards,

Penny Bright
Future MP for Botany?


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