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“Divine intervention and the Key welfare agenda” – isn’t it time to ‘CUT OUT THE CONTRACTORS’?

Divine intervention and the Key welfare agenda

by Sue Bradford

Comments from the Prime Minister suggest that the government’s willingness to act

tough on welfare may go a lot further than many expect.

What is the real Key agenda on welfare reform?

It could be a lot scarier than media commentators and the public think.

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by Penny Bright on December 14, 2010

Where’s the Government ‘review’ on  corporate welfare beneficiaries of public monies?

Given the $30 billlion central government expenditure on ‘procurement’ – where’s the evidence /’cost-benefit’ analysis that private procurement of public services is a more ‘cost-effective’ use of public monies than former ‘in-house’ provision by central (and local) government?

Where’s the ‘review’ of the use of  consultants and private sector contractors across all state sectors?

Wouldn’t it save a small fortune if those private ‘piggies in the middle’ were cut out of the public trough?

Isn’t it time to ‘CUT OUT THE CONTRACTORS’?

Penny Bright

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