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Auckland Mayoral candidate Penny Bright supports the ‘Stand Up for Your Rights at Work this Saturday’, 1pm, QE2 Square, Bottom of Queen St, Auckland

21 August 2010

This is just same old ‘Rogernomic$’ – WAR ON THE POOR!
Where are the attacks on the employers rights to organise to protect their interests?



I support the formation of the Unite the Union (UTU) squad which will picket ‘bad bosses’ who unfairly sack workers.

What do you expect when ‘lawful due process’ is legislated out of existence, and workers can be sacked for no reason in the first 90 days of employment?

“Before the Auckland Rally, join the UTU (Unite The Union) Squad, 12noon, JB Hi Fi, Queen St, Auckland
The UTU squad is for people wanting to take direct action against bad employers.
We want to be able to picket a bad boss as soon as we get news about an unfair sacking.”

#344: Stand Up for Your Rights at Work this Saturday, 1pm, QE2 Sq
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NEWSLETTER No.344, August 19, 2010

Stand Up for Your Rights at Work this Saturday, 1pm, QE2 Square, Bottom of Queen St, Auckland
-Reject the 90-day right to sack for no reason law
-Support your right to have fair access to union advice and support
-Support your right to proper rest breaks
-Protect your sick and holiday leave

Before the Auckland Rally, join the UTU (Unite The Union) Squad, 12noon, JB Hi Fi, Queen St, Auckland
The UTU squad is for people wanting to take direct action against bad employers. We want to be able to picket a bad boss as soon as we get news about an unfair sacking.

Come to the Council of Trade Unions Fairness Rallies across NZ this Saturday at 1pm
Auckland: 1pm, QE2 Square, (Bottom of Queen St, opposite Britomart)

Wellington: 1pm, Saturday 21st August, Civic Square,
Christchurch: 1pm, Saturday 21st August, Cathedral Square

Dunedin: 11am, Sunday 22nd August – Assemble at Dental School, GreatKingStreet, March to rally at the Octagon

Friday 12-2pm: “Utu Squad” Names And Shames Burger Fuel For 89th DaySacking – Unite takes up John Key’s challenge to name and shame bad employers.

Recently the Prime Minister requested unions to directly name and shame bad employers who act badly against their employees. Unite and the rest of the trade union movement is taking up the challenge.

A special direct action group called the UTU Squad is picketing the Mission Bay Burger Fuel store onFriday from 12-2pm to protest the sacking of a worker on the 89th day of her employment. Joanne Bartlett’s dismissal came a few days after she had asked for more than a single 10 minute lunch break each day she had been receiving for an 8 hour shift. Ms Bartlett had consistently received the highest grades inBurger Fuel’s training programme and had culinary school qualifications. She had also worked extra shifts when requested.

No reason was given for the dismissal. The UTU Squad has been formed by Unite because they believe justice for workers needs a group willing to take direct action against bad employers to uphold workers rights.

“If the government takes away workers’ rights to use legal means to protect themselves from unjust actions like this then workers have to go back to the tradition of direct action as the only way left to support workers like Joanne”, says Mike Treen Unite National Director.

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UPDATE! Open Letter from Jane Burgermeister to the Austrian Justice Minister Dr Claudia Bandion-Ortner

Open Letter to the Austrian Justice Minister Dr Claudia Bandion-Ortner,

As a judge who has has served in the many courts in Austria and who also conducted the well known Bawag trial, you are used to handling complex legal cases.

You should also have been able to handle the case involving the pharmaceutical company Baxter and its contamination 72 kilos of seasonal flu material with the bird flu virus in Orth an der Donau in February 2009, nearly sparking a global bird flu pandemic, according to the Times of India, among others.

However, you have failed to investigate and so exposed the people of Austria and indeed the world to a grave danger.

It was left to me, a science journalist, to file charges against Baxter to inititate an investigation. You were informed of my charges in an email that I sent you on April 8th 2009. I have a copy of that email.

It must have been clear to you that the contamination of the flu material was deliberate given the existence of biosafety level 3 regulations in the laboratory in Orth an der Donau where the contamination occurred.

The contaminated flu vaccine material was sent to 16 labs in four countries. Only the vigilance of a lab technician in the Czech lab detected the contamination and prevented an outbreak of a deadly pandemic. Such a pandemic could have led to a devastating loss of life not just in Austria but around the entire globe, killing potentially millions of people and leading to mass forced vaccination.

The bird flu virus has a far higher mortality rate than the swine flu virus.

In spite of the fact, you had in your possession a full copy of the charges on April 8th, 2009, and the evidence that Baxter triggered the pandemic simply in order to profit from it, you failed to carry out any investigation. It is important to emphasise the existence of the biosafety level 3 regulations make such an accidental contamination virtually impossible.

In September 2009 the investigation initiated by Dr Apostol of the Vienna State Prosecutor’s office were quietly dropped by state prosecutors in Korneuburg. I was denied access to the files.

Only the glare of publicity on the alternative media appears to have acted as a brake to a repeat of the Baxter contamination incident. Your non existent investigations certainly didn’t. A few weeks after the incident, the swine flu virus mysteriously appeared in Mexico City in April 2009.

In the meantime, investigations by Parliamentary Assembly of European Council and the BMJ among others have established that WHO facilitated the declaration of a pandemic emergency on behalf of the pharamceutical companies in order to increase their profit.

Less attention has been given to the fact that the pandemic vaccines were not propertly tested but given to populations as an experimental drug according to the correct definition of that term, causing potentially grave damage.

Even less attention was given to the pandemic emergency laws that allowed forced vaccination and quarantine, also in Austria.

These issues were explored on the alternative media, and I, as a journalist who has worked for Nature, the BMJ among others, brought these facts to the attention of people around the world. In the end, the number of people ready to take the vaccine in Austria was very low in spite of the exhortions of the Austrian government and the media funded by the Austrian government. 4% took it!

Now I, who gave accurate information on the swine flu pandemic and vaccine, find myself being subject to the brutal persecution by the Austrian justice system.

Judges and state prosecutors are attempting to use a special feature of the Austrian law – the Sachwalterscahft or legal guardianship – to strip me of all my civil rights, including my right to adminsiter the inheritance of my father, Dr Matthias Bürgermeister. Once under such a legal guardianship, I can be consigned to a mental asylum by the legal guardian appointed by the court.

Such an illegal consignment recently occured in the case of blogger and critic Natascha Koch. Only a public outcry resulted in her being released after three days.

The claims that the judges are making to place me under the legal guardianship are completely false and I have all the documents proving they are false. Yet the process to put me under a legal guardianship appears to be proceeding at full speed in spite of your knowledge.

The Volksanwaltombudstelle informed you officially weeks ago. I have rung up the Justizombudstellte several times asking for an end to what is essence a crime – for it is a crime for judges to attempt to put people under a legal guardianship using false accusations when they know they are false.

You as Justice Minister are surely fully informed about my case since you must be aware of the birdflu scandal. But you who appear to be wishing to make the Austrian justice system a part of a new dictatoship where anyone who criticises the government or reveals information about the unlawful activities of pharmaceutical companies and banks faces the removal of all their civil rights under false accusations by judges.

You have forced me to take extraordinary steps to constantly file documents proving my innocence to countless judicial bodies when they should have intervened long ago to stop this farce of a legal process which is just a guise to detain me.

All appearance of an independent justice system has long been abandoned in Austria with investigations into the Hypo Niederösterreich, Hypo Alpe Adria and Buwog scandals either stopped or so slow that they might never be concluded.

Your relationship to the banking world has come under scrutiny following your meeting with Raiffeisen head Christian Konrad who allegedly offered you the job of Justice Minister – a metting you refused to comment on in spite of a parliamentary questions on it.

It is inevitable that people will ask whether you are serving the interests of the banks and pharamceutical companies or the interests of the people of Austria and of justice in your actions.

The evidence of your track record shows a flagrant disregard for your duties in respect of investigating the Baxter scandal – and a brutal willingness to allow the persecution on the basis of proven lies of critics of the government in respect of the my legal guardianship process.

Given Austria’s recent history under the Nazis, comparisons with that era will inevitably be drawn. During the Nuremberg trials, judges, industrialists and doctors were held to account for their role in the monstrous crimes against humanity.

I believe the time has come to hold you responsible for your role in allowing law and justice to be destroyed in Austria and in a way that endangers not just the Austrian people but all people in Europe, and indeed around the world, primarily by your failure to investigate the Baxter scandal.

I will expand on what I have said at the level of European and interneational law and I will demand an investigation.

For the EU must either investigate such flagrant corruption or itself be seen to be guilty of facilitating crimes.

And will the people of Europe accept that?


Jane Burgermeister

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