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Auckland Mayoral Candidate Penny Bright to give verbal ‘submission’ to the Local Govt Select Cttee Auckland hearing -supporting transparency and opposing water privatisation Thursday 19 August 12.15 – 12.30 noon.

Auckland Mayoral Candidate Penny Bright to give verbal ‘submission’ to the Local Govt Select Cttee Auckland hearing -supporting transparency and opposing water privatisation Thursday 19 August 12.15 – 12.30 noon.

585 Great South Rd Penrose

Suggest you come if you can!

I’ll be exposing what I consider to be the lack of transparency and corrupt practices in the contracting out of Council services – particularly water services.,+Penrose,+Auckland+1061&gl=nz&ei=B2lqTIf6AYK9cZy74fcB&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CCwQ8gEwAA

“1) I request that the call for an inquiry into the 7 United Water NZ contracts, as outlined in Petition 2008/002, is not lumped in with this Bill, but treated separately on its merits.

2) Regarding ‘open, transparent and democratically accountable’ local government.

On 9 March 2009, I submitted evidence to this same Local Government and Environment Select Committee, in support of Petition 2008/002: which:

“Respectfully request(ed) that the House urgently amend the Local Government Act 2002 to make it a mandatory requirement to ensure Councils and Council Controlled Organisations are open to public scrutiny by using Annual Reports to record contracts issued to the private sector for ‘goods, services and people’ as a means of providing openness and accountability in Council operations; and to help ensure ‘prudent stewardship’ of citizen and ratepayer resources.”


Publishing details of contracts issued’ in Council Annual Reports is not intended to add thousands of pages, containing every word written for every contract issued.

All that is required is:

a) The name(s) of the contracting company/contractor.
b) The $ value of the contract.
c) The term (length) of the contract.
d) The scope of the contract.


a) Joe Bloggs Dog Control Services Ltd
b) $350,000
c) 2008 -2010
d) Enforcement of Dog Control Bylaw 123 for Auckland City Council (ward(s) covered)

“It is our view that the issues raised by the petitioner are best dealt with as part of a comprehensive review and we recommend that the Minister consider the issues raised in this petition.”

Unfortunately – this Bill does not fix this problem.
The public still don’t know exactly where our rates are being spent.
This is NOT transparent.

It seems ridiculous that the public can scrutinise thousands of pages detailing Ministerial spending on credit cards – but the public are not provided with the above-mentioned ‘devilish’ detail which would clearly show where BILLION$ of residents and ratepayers public monies are being spent on private contractors.

Please amend this Bill to so do.

3) I believe that water privatisation covers both the operation and management, as well as ownership of the water services assets.

The income stream will flow from publicly-owned pipes to the private sector.

I believe that the legislative changes proposed by this Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill will make it easier for multinational water companies such as United Water to effectively gain control of water services in New Zealand. (United Water is 100% owned by Veolia Water – the world’s largest multinational water company).

I believe that the ownership, operation and management of essential public services – especially water services, which are vital for public health and sanitation, should remain under the direct democratic control of elected representatives, not ‘commercialised’ under the CCO (Metrowater) model or privatised under the Public Private Partnership (PPP – (United Water Papakura) model.

I believe that water services should not be operated and managed as a ‘profit-making business’.
CCOs – lead to PPPs ‘commercialise – corporatise – PRIVATISE!

Where is the evidence which conclusively proves that privatisation through ‘contracting out’ or PPPs benefits the public majority.

I am totally opposed to s. 31 and s.32, and believe they should be struck out.

4) I believe that it is a form of ‘corrupt practice’ for policy analysts producing ‘Regulatory Impact Statements’ for Cabinet, to treat bodies such as the NZ Council for Infrastructure Development (NZCID) as an ‘independent 3rd party’ when they represent financially-interested parties. ”

Penny Bright
Media Spokesperson
Water Pressure Group
Judicially recognised ‘Public Watchdog’ on Metrowater, water and Auckland regional governance matters.
“Anti-corruption campaigner”

Ph (09) 846 9825
021 211 4 127

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Mayoral Debate on ‘Sport’ Monday 16 August 2010 NZ Herald coverage

Super City hopefuls aired their sport credentials in Albany tonight with promises of free swimming pool access and a marine park in Hobson Bay.

Representatives from 33 different sports – ranging from curling to rugby – turned out to hear six of the Super City candidates speak.

Candidates were asked three set questions including how important they viewed sport, their solution to limited resources, and their funding policy.

The evening was hosted by sport broadcaster Doug Golightly who told the 150 people in the audience: “It is an undeniable fact that must not be side-stepped, sport is an election issue.”

Manukau Mayor Len Brown said he would like to roll out Manukau’s policy of free entry to public pools.

After the debate he told that free admission to pools such as Auckland’s tepid baths and Parnell baths would take about 18 months to put into practice.

Mr Brown said all school children in years four and five should get free swimming lessons.

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Asked how Auckland would pay for it, Mr Brown said: “People are always going to throw at you the affordability issue and we have done a lot of work. It is not cost effective to elicit a charge”.

He said pools in Manukau have calculated that they lose between 50 and 60 per cent of their patronage if they charge users.

Mr Brown said swimming was part of creating a healthy and active generation.

Auckland City Mayor John Banks said sport keeps kids out of court.
“Sports facilities are a critical building block of a healthy, active city,” Mr Banks said.

He also promised to turn Hobson Bay into a marine park and an international rowing course.

After the debate, he said the 1912 concrete pipeline in the bay was almost destroyed but further work on the rubbish was needed.

“Around the cliffs, it is littered like a rubbish tip,” Mr Banks said.
He said instead of the mangroves and rubbish, he would like to see a boardwalk.

Mr Banks said the bay should be used by rowing clubs across Auckland to save them driving hours to and from Lake Karapiro in the Waikato.

Asked why Takapuna’s Lake Pupuke could not be used instead, Mr Banks said he had not thought about Lake Pupuke.

North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams said he was proud of North Shore’s record in sport.

“Something like a third of the Commonwealth Games team that went to Melbourne either lived or trained here,” Mr Williams said.

He also paid tribute to the thousands of volunteers that give up their time every week in coaching and administration.

Pro-smacking campaigner Colin Craig said sport hinges on participation and must be sustainable.

“We can’t do the Olympic Games,” Mr Craig said.

He said the basketball world junior championships hosted by Auckland was great for the city and was televised in 140 countries.

Mr Craig also advocated for a sports coordination centre as part of the new Super City council. He said the centre would coordinate assets and facilities “that are already there”.

“We will coordinate things better but we won’t break things that are working,” Mr Craig said.

Actor Simon Prast said he had a sporting background which included having All Black Graham Henry as a PE teacher.

“The whole Super City is about building team Auckland and electing a captain of team Auckland,” Mr Prast said.

He said as Super City mayor, he would set up 12 portfolios, one of which would be dedicated to sport.

“I put my hand up because, with all due respect, I couldn’t vote for any of them,” Mr Prast said.

He was interrupted by Mr Williams who said: “You haven’t read my pamphlets”.

Mr Prast responded: “Sadly, Andrew, I have. I’ve read all your pamphlets”.

Water campaigner Penny Bright said she was opposed to the Super City which was all about commercialisation, including sport. She pleaded to voters to register a protest vote and vote for her.

All candidates except Mr Williams, agreed to create a sports specific role within their Mayoral office. Mr Williams said it was an “interesting idea” and he would give it further thought.
By Edward Gay | Email Edward

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